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    ernie49 Guest
    Hi cfwprophet,

    I will wait a few days for your changes.

    For info: I have a clean Wii with FW 3.1E. Thanks.

    Kind regards


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    tworok Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    PAL = PAL so if you have german at settings it will be also there after the install

    Im also german (A) and for this we have a german pack with all the apps listet with DE description.But just wait a few days becouse FW 4.0 couse to many troubles with cIOS-CORE and VC games and a lot more.So i go back to FW 3.2 and updated all channels + add some new one like SD/USB Loader.

    Also we managed to beat comex and released a Hombrew methode to install the HBC on a FW 4.0.If it is a clean Wii than users will need a modchip but the main fact is that it will install the HBC and for that the Wii than could be downgraded and CFW can be installed to use all the higlights of HB

    I recommend to buy a good, cheap, solderless modchip like FlatMod.What will be availble for 27EUR (maybe cheapper).Its not wrong to have modchip for reparing or such situations
    wow, really? fantastic work as usual

    a few days? seems to good to be true

    wow thanks for the great news

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I think you guys would not be happy if i release a pack what maybe will couse a brick so it needed a few days more to see FW 3.2 is still the winner.

    There for all work as usual and i only need to update the channels and change the bootlogo.Also cIOSv10 doesnt work correct and this will also couse to jump back to the cIOSv9.And not enough sd/usb loader v1.5 still have some nasty bugs that couse me to spend some hours to find out why same usb stick is working on the first Wii but not on second one.After fixing this on the third Wii the usb stick wont boot again and this time it was a other way to fix this.

    They will be still some very litle bugs but if you on one Wii put in the usb stick than boot sd/usb loader v1.5 and it will work and on a other Wii for first time you have to NOT connect the stick and after booting sd/usb loader v1.5 you can leave it connected this will made you very sick.

    There for it need a few days more becouse other wise how should i successfully support you guys?

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    DutchGirl Guest

    I've been reading through this thread and didn't find the answer to my problem.
    I followed the steps accurately and everything went fine until step 5.
    For one reason or another I can NOT delete the IOS-es at all.
    The Any Title Deleter starts but with errors (like -1037 on the first line, and "unable to delete ticket" and such), it shows the IOS-es fine though. But when it comes to deleting it doesn't work at all.

    I tried the sequence in step 4 again and the cIOS_fix.wad failed with an error -1035 or 1037 (not sure, I'm not at home).

    My Wii shows as on 3.2E, so that part is down from 3.4E.

    Any suggestions on how to progress with step 5?


    Note: due to my broken DVD drive, I tried it with FlatMii (without drive) as well as without FlatMii and with the broken DVD drive (with cycloWiz).

    Note2: I managed to download only the German version, which isn't a big problem for me, but I thought I should mention that the English version is no longer available on RS.

  5. #45
    DutchGirl Guest
    Ok, I found the problem why it didn't work. I forgot to try out the cIOS36 as mentioned in the notes.

    Now the next problem is that the Opera.wad doesn't want to install and produces error -1022...

    Any ideas?

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    CrazedMum Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    This will be the correct files for the english community.
    Hi Prophet sorry for the hassle but I cannot download these files it says Error is there anywhere else I can get em or will the ones you published just before this post work in the UK?

    I have hardly a hair left on my head and two screamin nephews who want their Wii back!!

    Thanks for looking, Crazed

  7. #47
    dajedimaster Guest
    cIOS Fix

    the files i used seem to be from a pal version from the link I downloaded on the first page i used the first rapid share link because the one below is not working a simi-bricked my wii. any way someone can repost the US version of this pack? thanks

  8. #48
    hypola Guest
    hi im from uk, could you reup your pack please? thanks

    hypola xxx

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    cfwprophet Guest
    He-Ho guys the files are all down. But dont worry this is not the end its more the beginning

    Lets see what the next days, maybe next week will appear in this Thread

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