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    cfwprophet Guest



    Ok first what you say about MKW make absolutely no sens!Why?Becouse this game does not have a FW update on it.The only what could be installed will be the MKW channel and if some other allready installed channel use this ID it will be overwriten not to brick your Wii.
    As i sayed the update layer will be full with xxxxxx.wad.out.wad files and this are no update files.

    Hier a pic of it with Wii Scrubber:

    Please do not misunderstand me.I want to help you but i have moddet a lot of Wiiīs and never run into a brick or that a Wii have ben self updating.I for my self have updated to FW 3.4 with CFW Wii and again downgraded and installed all successfull.
    I now that 100% the Wii will not be self updating to this time and MKW does not contain a FW update.And no channel included into my pack will have the MKW-Channel ID.So no way that it could be the CFW or my Pack.

    Back to help you:

    For savemiifree you have to modd the digi pad of the gc controller there for you must press all 4 ways to same time and normally this dono work.So you must open it, cut of the nipple and put all together.Than controller must connect to port 4 (last one) and at the boot up you should press all 4 ways of the digi pad to start rescue menu.
    If you are on FW 3.2, rescue menu is working and you press at correct timing you will se a "FW3.2" in the right corner.Nothing more.Than you must put in a Original disc or with a Modchip, set to autoboot discīs, you also could use a copy.Sure becouse the drive only sendīs the data to console and there for the chip patch the data to be OK a copy will also work

    Under FW 3.2 you will not see any character.

    @ TuRDMaN
    I will post it tonight with (hopefully) a vid of it in action.

    @ vegita8888
    List me what apps you use and what you have installed and i can say more.

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    TuRDMaN Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
    I will post it tonight with (hopefully) a vid of it in action.
    I'm in no hurry, I probably won't have that controller until next week anyway. And using your tutorial here I was able to successfully mod my friend's wii with no problems at all, so my brick is totally my fault

    Thanks a lot for all your help

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    To what i can remember the downgrade went fine and the console worked perfect after installing all the wads.I went to play mkw and it said update for this game available pressed ok updated and was left with black screen.Ater 5 mins had to turn console off and now wont pass black screen.

    I have tried the savemii with the gc controller i have removed the small nipple but still nothing (been trying all day).

    is there any other way to fix this or will i have to buy a new wii.. you did say if a freind has got a chipped wii how could this help?

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    exzavier00 Guest
    I installed everything but backup disc from the disc channel are not working.

    "-FW Integrated backup support for Wii Games (Game-Backups per Disc Channal)"

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    cfwprophet Guest
    i have posted a guid how to use the rescue menu.If it will be posted read it and try it.

    And Starfall will be not installed.Otherwise the update does not come up.If you have or can get a chiped drive it will help to boot a backup with normal rescue Menu.Without a Modchip and Starfall you can not start / use a backup to unbrick your wii.

    @ exzavier00
    Are your sure you have installed the cIOS30?Without the sys can not read the disc from disc channel and no preview comes up.If you have the cIOS30 installed than it must be the backup or the disc.So CFW only supports DVD-R!!!No DVD+R,-RW,+RW,-DL,+DL to this time.

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    vegita8888 Guest
    I have the backup launcher as well as the gamecube backup launcher installed as well as iso dumper and a bunch of "game".wad. My question is do I have to uninstall anything? or does it format the system memory when it downgrades? I just don't want it to brick my Wii because it needs more memory to install everything in your package.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    First at the downgrade the NAND will not be formated.Only the sysmenu.wad and the iosxx.wad for the sysmenu will be the whole part of downgrade.To be secure we will also downgrade the MIOS.wad and the BC.wad.The MIOS will be the GC game layer (driver for gc games) and the bc, i dont remember exectly, have also some thing to do with gc games i think.So with the install of the CFW you will have Wii and GC backups playable via disc channel and dono need the backup loaderīs any more.

    But you also will need the Shop channel update with the IOS51 (driver of shop channel).Without you can not connect to the web.And the Mii channel update.The other channels will be not so importend.You will need from the WAD1 folder all cIOSīs than Shop Channel update,IOS51 update and the Mii Channel v2 update.And you should install WAD Manager Channel and dont forget Starfall!

    This can also be done via the HBC.

    At last a full NAND does not result into a brick.If you install to many files you must delate files to come back to wii menu.As long you not give free enough memory you can do nothing.

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    wwywong Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Hi cfwprophet, first of all I thank you for coming up with this wonderful package! I know it is big effort from all other big folks in the scene to make it all possible, but you make it easier for general user to get a big picture. Myself being away from the scene since last December, was thrill to know that the scene develop so quick and deep already! Now we are talking about soft mod already! I am still in the hard mod era, and by luck I my wii is still in 3.2u which I heard is the best version to be in for both world (homebrew & game).

    I thoroughly read your guide and get the basic idea of all those stuff. I am not about to do everything in there, although it seems perfectly fine if I follow the guide and know what I am doing. But it is because I am already hard mod (wiikey 1 - 1.9s)

    My currently status is hard mod w/ wiikey 1; with homebrew channel 1.0.1, and both backup launcher gamma 002 fix chnl & gecko gamma 002 fix chnl installed. (dunno if they are the same, but they look pretty much the same besides menu colors) I can install virtual channel freely and delete them using Wadmanager 1.3. I also did the update on shop channel, and possibly IOS51 (although I did remember deleting IOS51 afterward using AnyTitleDeleter, but I didn't try to connect to the channel after that)

    The latest issue I encounter is I cannot play MadWorld. Then I heard news in the scene, and I can play now with either of the 2 ways: 1.) launch with backup launcher gammer 002 fix or gecko gamma 002 fix OR 2.) installed IOS 38, 53, and 55.

    What I want to ask is,

    if I am in 3.2 already and I can do all those above activity, is there still benefit to install all those cIOS? Since I am hard mod, I don't need to booting backup ability from cIOS, and for running homebrew, I can run on HBC1.0.1; I am not interested in ripping wii ISO, because I often find it too time consuming to do so; but I do have interest in the Starfall app, since you said you can use it to access the recovery menu. But I heard it only works in 3.2 and since we know we will be inevitable to upgrade to higher fw in the future, do you think it is worth the trouble to install it? I mean given that before any major sys update I don't think I will be bricking my wii anytime.

    Also, I am interested in knowing a bit more in-depth (but of cuz not assembly-wise depth) about what each cISO is doing. Could you explain a bit brief for me? It can be as simple as "cIOSv8 is needed for HBC; IOS30 is needed for menu of 3.2"(just example, not saying it is) The ones that I have most interest: IOS16 IOS254, cIOS Fix, cIOSv8, cIOS30, cIOS_usb2, Custom IOS36 Rev 08; I also heard about IOSdowngrader and cIOSdowngrader. Are they the same or different?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciated all your hard work!

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    cfwprophet Guest

    THX And Answers

    In your case not really.

    And about fw updates just dont connect your Wii to the net if nintendo will automate the update proces.For games the most modchip use a update blocker or you let starfall do the job.

    Than IOS Downgrader downgrades all IOSīs to the versions they will have at the FW would be released becouse some newer IOS versions also prevent for the trucha bug.

    The cIOS Downgrader dongrades your System Menu, IOS for SysMenu,MIOS and the BC.The "cIOS" in the name of the program means that it use a cIOS to downgrade and not the nintendo update driver the IOS4.

    cIOSv8 and cIOS36 Rev 08 are the same one.I renamed it becouse the cIOS is only based on the IOS36 but have custom code.So for me it is "THE cIOS" not "cIOS36".

    Than IOS16 is the driver foundet on the leaked Nintendo Backup Disc and will be used to install a cIOS_fix on FW 3.4 consoles to gain back the abbility to install .wad files to donwgrade ect..This will work becouse this IOS will be semi signed from Nintendo and does not contain the trucha bug.So it will install and a specially WAD Manager writen to load the IOS16 install the cIOS_fix.wad in it and normal WAD Manager recognize the cIOS and load it

    cIOS_usb2 is the newesd one and activate USB2.0 support for the Nintendo Wii.Original Wiiīs cant use USB 2.0 and thats the reason why flatmii have a external usb 2.0 connector to pc.Becouse before we cant use the USB ports of Wii for USB2.0 streaming.Its based on cIOSv7 but have a mod to activate usb 2.0.

    IOS254 will be the Nintendo stub file what contain some nasty things (if i remember right) and just over write the custom DVDx stub wich IOS have the 254 to prevent end users of reading of DVD Movie discs.Since this will kill the drive if you look a few vids more.There for Team Twiizers wroted a mail to nintendo to remove the forgotten DVD tickets from the console to prevent end users for playing dvd movies on theirs Wiiīs.

    The cIOS_FIX is based on the cIOSv5 and was re-writen to be installed into the IOS16 to gain back the abbility to load a cIOS with WAD Manager on a FW 3.4 Wii.A cIOSvxx will be needed to write / delate wad and system files.

    cIOS30 of my pack will be original IOS30 with only swapped DIP Modul to cDIP Modul.Without the sysmenu can not read backups and show preview.So first we need that the disc come up in the disc channel than we could start it and the game loads the IOS what it would be set for.

    This brings me to all others cIOSīs.They will be the game drivers and most likely the same.Most of them just extracted and than swapped the data with they one from the cIOSv8 and than repack it.So the .wad will install under here original name and if a game loads the ios it will be the cIOSv8 with cDIP Module and your backup starts
    Only a few higher one have just swapped cDIP Module to gain better compatibility.

    Hope you now can better understand some things

    to correct my self the cIOS_FIX will not be installed into the IOS16!This IOS16 alows to install wad files and will be not trucha signed.

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    vegita8888 Guest
    What if the system is already at 3.2U? Where do start the install process?

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