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    Apr 2005

    Big Grin Nintendo Wii Backup Loader Leaked to the Masses!!

    It appears Waninkoko's Nintendo Wii Backup Loader have finally been publically leaked.

    naes of GBATemp.net (linked above) has posted Wii_Loader.rar weighing in at 1.80 MB (1,892,832 bytes), and since then it has spread like wildfire across the Internet.

    Download: Nintendo Wii Backup Loader / Nintendo Wii Backup Loader [Mirror]

    As a result of the leak, Waninkoko is now quite upset, and announced that he no longer plans to work on the project- meaning very likely no new versions of it will come.

    To quote: Backup-Loader is now an abandoned project. Congratulations, enjoy that version that has lots of bugs (yes, lots of bugs are not fixed).

    How to use it:

    1) Patch the iSO with the .exe that came in the download
    2) Install the CiOS on your Wii
    3) Install DVDX. Go to Advance and choose 249
    4) Install Wii Loader
    5) Burn the patched iSO with ImgBurn
    6) Run the loader

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Guess that's a nice lesson learned... I won't be developing on a computer with internet/handing out beta's if ever I start a highly anticipated project... sorry.

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    Apr 2005
    At least people won't need to waste money on Wii mod-chips now

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    NoZart Guest
    you really dont get it, right? the iso loader is far from complete and probably doesnt work with all games.

    so we STILL NEED TO BUY MODCHIPS to play.

    without the leak, it would have been possible to abandon mod-chips, yes, but not beeing able to run every game with the iso loader kinda makes your statement invalid.

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    Apr 2005
    Don't lecture me about valid statements until you can learn to spell being.

    Anyway, for someone to think Waninkoko is the only one in the world capable of expanding on this is ludacris. A quick Google search turns up several sites with Wii hackers already working on reversing the .dol loader and I'm sure it will only increase as more see the potential and desire for their minute of fame... personally I could care less though, Wii is for kids.

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    wwywong Guest
    I guess I will stay with my wiikey (and be very happy so far)... Doing all this process is way to difficult/complicate for everyday carefree user. IF they really follow the step correctly and succeed in it, I think they are in the "scene" for pretty long time already, rather than a newbie without any modchip at all. I guess it is good education/lesson for all of us who is interested in these kinda things...

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    MoO9820 Guest
    Its great we have this... though I would have waited to still have the support :/ now we have to rely on someone to pick up his work, or make a better loader

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Personally I don't see the point in this softmod - I mean there were already modchips, there was way to load backups. This softmod is buggy, unstable, irritating to use (every time you should go to HBC...) and in the all ways modchips are superior - great stability, LOTS of features and so on.

    It's just for VERY poor and lazy people.

    AND THE MOST HORRIFYING, that now Ninty will block HBC for sure. Last time they blocked Twillight Hack, but didn't touch HBC, so homebrew scene was alerted, but now Waninkoko crossed the line.

    I doubt bushing admires this softmod too.

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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Up

    WiiGator has released his own source code. To quote from the ReadMe file:
    Wii Backup Launcher 0.1:

    * Purpose *

    Launch Wii DVD backups. This is a source code only release. You need to
    compile it using devkitpro (PPC + ARM).

    * Author *


    * Compiling Order *

    Run "make" to compile:
    1. extractpartition
    2. dip_module
    3. copy dip_module/bin/dip_module.elf to cios_installer/data/dip_module.elf
    4. cios_installer
    5. backuplauncher

    * Create DVD *

    To create DVDs you need extractpartition. Don't call this patching. It only
    decrypts the DVD. Patching is done within backuplauncher.

    1. Run extractpartition
    2. Burn output file to DVD-R (raw iso)

    * Installing *

    1. cios_installer - if you get an error message like "-1017" then you need first to uninstall IOS249.
    2. dvdx, choose IOS249
    3. backuplauncher cios_installer will install a custom IOS v6 which is same as Waninkokos cIOS v5. You don't need to install it, if you already installed cIOS v5.

    In this release there is no leaked code included. Only official code is used.
    This is released by WiiGator. The official released dip_module, IOS patches and libcios are used. Other code from Waninkoko is not used!

    Waninkoko is not responsible for this release. Don't ask him about it.
    The backuplauncher included is an inoffical release. This program is a modification of GeckoOS, and is unsupported and not condoned by the original authors of it. The backup loader modification is solely the work of WiiGator. PAL and NTSC is working. backuplauncher can load both original and backup discs.
    Also, ciper of GBATemp has shared Wii Backup Launcher 0.2, an unofficial binary build of WiiGator's source code with changes.

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    sprawler Guest
    I have used the new GeckoOS/Loader and it works well.

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