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    Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher v0.3 Update Released with Video!

    WiiGator from GBATemp (linked above) has released Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher v0.3 along with a video for those interested.

    Download: Wii Backup Launcher v0.3 / Wii Backup Launcher v0.3 [Mirror]

    From the ReadMe File: Backup Launcher 0.3 beta

    What is included:
    - cIOS Installer
    - Backup Launcher 0.3 with banner

    - Cinematic now working properly
    - Wi-Fi Enabled
    - Faster Load time
    - Drive speed is still 3x. It is so fast that some testers believed it is running at 6x.
    - Supports non-patched and patched Wii games (The correct term for "patched" is "decrypted")
    - Not all games will work, but as of now most do.


    Some parts are modification of free available source code, and are unsupported and not condoned by the original authors of it. The backup loader modification is solely the work of WiiGator.

    Thanks to Waninkoko for his support and the first version of the backup loader. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    chewy4 Guest

    Big Grin

    just a quick question, i updated to this loader and now all the games start to load then i get a message that the disk cant be read and to read the wii instruction manual for further information. is anyone else having this problem?

    sorry to repost so quickly but after some searching at gbatemp i found the fix for my problem. as it hasnt been mentioned here there is a fix for this available linked below.

    it is an update to the cios installer which when installed fixes most booting errors.


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