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    Wolverin0 Guest

    Nintendo Unveils New Controller - Classic Controller Pro

    Normally we'd scoff at the idea of Nintendo releasing yet another new controller (heck, we've already got the Wii-mote, nunchuk, zapper shell, wheel shell, balance board, classic controller, and GameCube controller, not to mention third party offerings like the Hori sticks and alternate pads) but in this case, we're on board.

    However, Nintendo's Japanese website has been updated with a new Classic Controller PRO model, and while it's got no release date or price just yet, we're already more than intrigued at this larger, more form-fitting design.

    If you want to game on Virtual Console, your best bet right now is the Classic Controller or a GameCube pad. Still, while the Wii's throwback offering has the look of the Super NES pad from the golden era of gaming, it doesn't exactly feel form-fitting in its design. The back is oddly slanted, the finish on the controller feels a bit slick, and the sticks are too close together to really feel comfy.

    From the info we've already got on the PRO, we know it's a larger controller, not only in thickness, height, and width, but it also makes use of one of the more well-received concepts out there, which is the extension grips, which gives it a GameCube, Xbox Controller S/360 look.

    As you can see, the Z buttons (Z/L and Z/R) are larger now, and placed like the R1/R2, L1/L2 setup found with Sony controllers. The PRO even borrows from the Nyko Classic Controller and Click Grip, shown below.

    We'll have more on Nintendo's controller as news breaks. As for price and strategy from here on out, Nintendo hasn't commented but we'd estimate a worldwide release by the end of 2009 (a slow move from Japan to Europe, US, and beyond, with no real fanfare for the switch), and a price tag of $24.99, five bucks over the current Classic Controller, at least until the old model is worked out of retailers.

    The Pro makes use of a Wii-mote for power, and we're hoping Nintendo makes use of a back-mounted cradle system for the Wii-mote, though of course nothing has been mentioned yet on that.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Calamity22 Guest

    Nyko Pfft

    I hate Nyko. eveer since they made the ps1 mem card. Hours of my life just wasted. never had a prob with official sony mems. SCREW Nyko.

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    idone Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Calamity22 View Post
    I hate Nyko. eveer since they made the ps1 mem card. Hours of my life just wasted. never had a prob with official sony mems. SCREW Nyko.
    The Nyko picture is just shown to compare how similar the new one above it will be. Nintendo has borrowed from the idea that has been shown by a few 3rd parties that people want a better grip on there controller...i for one might just trade in the classic controllers i already own (and dont use..lol) for this new pro one.

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    GSCloud Guest
    I understand that nintendo is trying to build an ecosystem of add ons which failed in the past (ie...SNES CDROM anyone?), these classic controllers are killing me... Does everything have to attach to the Wiimote? I mean, it's a fully functional controller so just add a sensor to it so that you can move the cursor around during the wii menu part of the start up.

    I think Nintendo might think it would replace the wiimote if they added this functionality, but I think all it would do is add some convenience to people that want to head back to the past with mario 3, resident evil, super metriod, etc... Am I the only one that thinks this? (probably )

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    Cygnusmodegone Guest
    Was it really necessary for them to make another controller? I mean... COME ON, they already had one out months ago. o.o I can admit this one looks a little whiter in my eyes, but then again, that's probably my bad vision.

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