While perusing the aisles of my local Target this evening, I noticed something that caught my attention.

Nintendo has apparently just released a controller combo pack that includes a Wii Remote, Nunchuck, and Mario Kart Steering wheel, without telling a soul in the press. This is very bizarre as game companies usually like us to be aware of even the most mundane of its business moves (e.g. picture pack releases on Xbox Live.)

This is an officially licensed set that includes all authentic Nintendo accessories. Somewhat surprising though, is the $74.99 price point for the bundle.

Some may seek out the pack thinking they are getting a good deal, but don't let this fool you. Nintendo has done nothing for the consumer in terms of savings. Bought separately, all of the items in the bundle cost the exact same price as the bundle. Technically, you would save two cents by purchasing them individually. Wii Remote ($39.99) + Wii Wheel ($14.99) + Nunchaku ($19.99) = $74.97.

Maybe that is why Nintendo didn't release any information on the product; customers may mistakenly think they have stumbled upon a gold mine.

It is not known if this is a Target exclusive or not. No other store websites have such a product listed.

Putting aside the technicality of the bundle costing two cents less, there really is no benefit or loss to either Nintendo, or the consumer. So where is the motivation for releasing this?

Some at TGR suspect that Nintendo may be planning to hold back the supply of the stand alone Wii Remote so that Target shoppers would be tempted to buy all three products. It may seem far-fetched, but Nintendo has already proven over the last two years that they are masters of supply and demand. More PlayStation 3 News...