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    Nintendo Goes Green for Spring with New DS Lite Green Bundle

    Nintendo has sprung up a new DS Lite bundle. The Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle arrives just in time for spring, and for Mother's Day.

    To quote from the Press Release: Ah, spring. The time when everyone's fancy turns to... video games. To celebrate the season of growth and rejuvenation, Nintendo announces the blooming of a new Nintendo DS? system color: Green.

    The cool new color comes bundled with a hip carrying case and a copy of the Personal Trainer?: Cooking video game, which serves as an interactive cooking coach.

    The new bundle will be available on May 3, which just happens to be a week before Mother's Day (hint, hint). Just like everyone else, moms are always looking for new and interesting meal ideas. Personal Trainer: Cooking includes more than 245 recipes from around the world, along with step-by-step instructions for how to prepare them.

    The Nintendo DS Lite Green Spring Bundle is available for pre-order here, at a $149.99 MSRP.

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    Rtrace Guest
    Just... wow... this save the environment thing has officially hit it's lowest point.

    I misread this, sorry, I read it again and I see that it is a really cool bundle with the exception of the game..so I can't truly call it a "cool bundle" but...whatever I like the color. I'll go and get this when it comes out and pray that it has a non bundle version of the DSI, however if it does I am totally going to give the game back and hope that it pays me for buying it. XD However even if I don't get any money in return I'll not be keeping the game and it can go back to Nintendo for all I care....I gotta stop before I start ranting.

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    areynoso23 Guest
    Like the color, wish they would have done that to the DSi though

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    iwannawin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by areynoso23 View Post
    Like the color, wish they would have done that to the DSi though
    They may still, don't fret.

    Anyways... Nothing says spring like a green nintendo ds and a cooking game.... oh wait...
    yay nintendo

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