Nintendo DS developer bushing has recently announced he is beginning work on developing Nintendo DSi homebrew, and has started a DSiBrew Wiki. To quote:

The reason this device is interesting to me is that the DSi seems to be to the DS what the Wii was to the GameCube. The DSi has two modes - a "native mode" and a "compatibility mode".

In the compatibility mode, the clock is slown down to half the speed and access to the new peripherals is disabled - sound familiar? In the native mode, you get a faster clock and more RAM - used to perform the real-time face recognition and image processing - as well as an SD slot and two cameras (front and back-facing). The device boots up into a "System Menu" that is fairly reminiscent of the Wii.

Oh, did I mention that it has a Shop Channel where you can download apps, like Opera? And you can download firmware updates online? Hey, guess what - we can download firmware updates online!

The ticket and contents are downloadable in the same way. Unfortunately, they aren't reusing the same common key, so we can't actually disassemble anything (yet). Although they're probably reusing much of the ES code from IOS, they probably fixed the blatant flaws that allowed us to rip the key and fakesign.

Now all we need is someone to step up to the plate and grab the new key! Then you can come and start filling in our new Wiki.

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