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    Apr 2005

    Nintendo Cripples DS R4 Piracy Threat, eBay & Amazon Ban Carts

    In addition to the recent new protection being implemented on Nintendo DS games, now both eBay and Amazon have officially banned the sales of DS R4 flash carts.

    As expected, Nintendo is pleased about this and has issued a brief comment as follows:

    Nintendo is pleased with the co-operation it has received from both eBay and Amazon to prevent the sales of game copying devices," Nintendo of America's global head of anti-piracy Jodie Daughtery told MCV this week.

    "Nintendo has been aggressive in curtailing the sales of these devices on a global scale, from manufacturers in Asia to Internet webshops and retail operations across Europe and the UK.

    "Since January 2008, Nintendo has coordinated over 560 actions and confiscated approximately 411,000 game copiers. In the UK, Nintendo collaborates with ELSPA and takes independent actions. Over 225,000 devices have been seized by authorities in 170 actions since 2008."

    An eBay spokesperson added: "eBay prohibits sellers from listing any hardware or software that allows people to make unauthorised copies of copyrighted games, including the R4 DS cards, and we are taking steps to remove the few listings found on the site."

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    shummyr Guest
    this is a shame for people who use it for legit reasons like developing hombrewing and what not.

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    Lyger Guest
    damn you nintendo... well it's ok since I already have an r4.. too bad it's an outdated piece of crap now.

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    areynoso23 Guest
    I'm surprised that Amazon actually carried it from the get go.

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    semitope Guest
    lets ban dvd burners too shall we. And those darn sd cards and thumbdrives that copies can be stored on. Wealthy companies have all the power..

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    rickylyh Guest
    cool, sound like they just make the R4/R4i not as easy to buy it...

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