Come Wednesday, your Xbox 360 world will change and we can't wait to hear what you think.

There is only one thing we haven't showed you yet, and that is how to get the New Xbox Experience next Wednesday.

It's easy but in case you're having panic attacks and want to know every detail of the prompts you go through, check out a video that our own Major Nelson created below:


You've checked in with us every Friday for weeks to learn about all of the features coming with the New Xbox Experience, like how to create an Avatar and how you can play with your Avatars in games.

We've shown you how you will have your very own video library of more than 12,000 streaming films and TV episodes with Netflix and how searching for Themes, map packs, movies, TV shows and other downloadable content will be even easier in the all-new Xbox LIVE Marketplace (which you can now access from the Web!).

We've talked about playing from the hard drive, decreasing load times and noise from the spinning disc in tray. We showed you the Community Games channel and talked about how everyone can become an Xbox 360 developer.

You've explored the new Premium Themes and Friends Channel and checked out how the Gamercard, Gamerscore and Achievements will look in the new interface. We let you ride along during an Xbox LIVE Party where we jumped in and out of games, with one push of the button, chatting the entire time, and we shared our personal pictures with you in a Photo Party.

Only a few more days to go. Enough of us feeding you information from our point of view. Now it's all about you - It's *your* new experience. Enjoy your weekend and maybe do some of the things you've been putting off. Remember to kiss your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/gerbil because once NXE hits, you may not have as much time for them - you'll be too busy using the new features. More PlayStation 3 News...