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    New XBox Experience to get Largest XBox Marketing Campaign

    Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has revealed that the launch of the new Xbox Experience will see Microsoft spend more money in marketing in advertising this holiday than they have ever done so in the history of the Xbox.

    Greenberg also went on to claim that Microsoft has the biggest and broadest game lineup, which rounds out the appeal of the Xbox 360.

    To quote: But the "re-launch" of the entire Xbox 360 experience will also be accompanied with in-store outreach, says Greenberg.

    "We will be launching the largest marketing campaign in the history of Xbox," he says. "We will be spending more money in marketing in advertising this holiday than we ever have in the history of our business."

    Finally, what Greenberg claims is the industry's "biggest and broadest" games lineup rounds out the appeal, he says. "We have had some broad-appeal games in the past, but we have never had a year where we had... Think about the music genre and all the titles we have there; from Rock Band, to Guitar Hero, to Lips, to the social games like You're in the Movies and Scene It."

    Alongside core titles like Fallout 3, Fable II and Gears of War 2, Greenberg says, "we really have the best and broadest lineup we have ever had."

    "So, we feel like the best games, the largest online community, and the best price puts us in a pretty good position heading into the holiday season." More PlayStation 3 News...

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    B4rtj4h Guest

    Cheap HDD via Microsoft!!

    All people that own a ARCADE edition of the Xbox 360.

    As we all know, this briliant update will be around 130 MB. Many of us do not have a HDD but only a Memory card.

    Now Microsoft has an offer you cannot refuse!! You can order a revised (repaired) HDD from 20 GB for ONLY the Arcade Xbox for 15 euro (that will be a dollar or 20)

    That's the big deal!! You can simply call their Xbox support line and order up!

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