The author of the recent Wii Exploit known as Comex needs help to get it working on Nintendo Wiis, so if you have a 2.2 or 4.0 it doesn't matter. Here is his request:

If anyone wants to help out do this- any menu version, HBC already installed:

1. Temporarily rename the private folder on SD to something else, if you have one

2. Download this file and unzip it onto the root of the SD

3. Go to the menu, data management (not SD menu if you're on 4.0)

4. Go to channels, SD, ensure there is a channel with a blank banner titled "Ninja Gaiden"

5. Return immediately to the menu using the back button (not the home button...), go to HBC, and launch it

6. Download and run this. it will create a file on your SD with the title "report.txt".

Email him a copy of it ([email protected]). I have not tested it at this time, so wait or test it by yourself.

Have test it and my Wii´s still on live :p
And to clarification you will not see a black banner until you press on the unvisible channel with the Ninja Gaiden Title.Thats all you have to do.Just press and make sure its a black banner.Do not copy,delate or displace the channel.Only to view and than go back to menu via back buttons and start hbc and run the .dol.
Than email the report.txt to comex

THX for Your Help

If some one wonder what this test does i have found a good explanation on the Web from SDbinWiiEXE

What this test does, is that when the banner is viewed, it changes certain aspects of the current memory, how it can inject code into the wii. Then, once you run the dol from the HBC on the tester's wii, it reads these values. If the values are there, then it shows that the exploit has worked. The one that will eventually be released, should be able to load a dol off of the SD card into memory, as it does with the values. The HBC should then be able to be installed, as long as they manage to find a new other exploit for the installer, as the ones used before (PatchMii and the one used for the 3.4 Installer) no longer work as of SysMenu 4.0.

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