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    New Halo 1 Modding Tool for XBox Available: Arsenic Beta

    To quote HIZLO of HaloMaps.com: This program is pretty much all you're going to need when it comes to modding Halo.

    Arsenic's hardcore power ranges from its visually stunning graphics to its built in game and tag editor. You can chose anything within a map such as scenery, weapons, vehicles, etc... and hot swap on the drop of a dime.

    Download: Arsenic Beta

    Duplication is now made easy with our new point and click system. Any object you wish to move in Arsenic will move and suck to the mesh or structure of your map, this will save you a lot of time when placing stuff in your environment.

    Our built in tag editor is amazing and simple to use, for example click on a warthog then chose the tag editor. You will be able to edit a wide range of physics right on the spot, all changes will take effect when you save your map.

    Arsenic has a built in Auto Update feature which will be a life savor when future updates are released. All updates will come from halomaps.com so anyone using this program will always have an up-to-date version. The updates will automatically be applied when you open up Arsenic.

    As of right now the beta release will be structured around modding Xbox maps and tags. What you can expect in the near future from us...

    - Built-in FTP (uploading maps to your Xbox)
    - Halo CE Map Editing
    - Load Compressed Xbox Maps
    - Scripting, etc...

    Note: Keep in mind this is a beta release!

    Arsenic is a HaloMaps exclusive only, welcome back to Halo 1 modding people! This is one bad ass program, better get those old modded Xbox's out of your closet.

    Whats Needed...
    1. HaloCE must be installed before running Arsenic.
    2. Halo Editing Kit must also be installed before running Arsenic.
    3. If you need to download HaloCE or HEK please visit HaloCE Tools.
    4. Your cached Halo Xbox Maps must be put in the "XboxMaps" folder located inside Arsenic.

    Note: Some users may need to update their Microsoft .NET Framework or DirectX in order for Arsenic to load properly.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    shummyr Guest
    this is so sweet, glad i kept my xbox 1

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