Yesterday tmbinc has reported on (linked above) that user "jc" in #free60 found that his XBox 360 Jasper, built June-30th 2009, already contained the new bootloader (but with a 7363 Kernel).

To quote: We don't know when Microsoft switched it in production, but this discovery means that they did this at least over a month before the update.

So far, we don't know what Boxes are safe to buy. If you want to check your box, dump the flash, at look at the "CB" Version (offset 0x8202, the two hex bytes after "CB"). For Jasper, CB Versions 6750 (and up) are bad, CB Version 6723 is still good (at least we think so), CB Version 6712 is good for sure.

If you find that your jasper is still either "good" or "bad", please post the mfg date (and CB version) here so we can determine the cutoff date.

Let me remind your that we are not completely done with the adaptation of the hack to jasper yet. We've sorted out most things now, so we'll release it soon.

The recent changes will make an adaptation easily possible, and nandpro already supports jasper. Remaining things are the SMC and the J1F1-replacement points. We're working on this, don't worry.

My Jasper, built 2008-10-10, is "good" (CB version 6712).

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