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    Foo Guest
    Goes Kung Fu Panda on him for a penny. Then Kratos said, "You King Fu is no match for me big blade of destruction!"

    "I don't do Kung Fu," Sam said," fight me and you shall see." They lined up to fight and...

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    moja Guest
    Stephen Hawking rolls in between them with lightning speed. "This was not supposed to happen," says his computer voice with fake enthusiasm. "This WILL not happen!" All of a sudden, he limply flicked his wrist, and his chair transformed like an A-Team special.

    Rocket pods sprung from the seat, and as he thrust upward with great velocity, his head flopping with the wind, explosive balls painted like planets fell between the two would-be warriors.

    The resulting explosion caused the fight to never happen, and Stephen flew in a radiant arc across the sky like a frozen, sitting Superman. "A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." the night heard, in a banal machine voice. As he changed direction, ...

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    he forgot to set the sat-nav & flew straight into a tree! But due to the brand new wheelchair-airbag (available at all good disability shops & some bad ones) he was not hurt & thought to himself "that was lucky I could of been paralysed"...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    But he had been paralyzed, he could only move his right cheek. He was rushed straight to hospital after some people had found him. But the doctors could do nothing, so Stephen Hawking offered one if chairs to him so he could move and speak moving his right cheek. But there was one big problem...

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    moja Guest
    It was his right buttcheek that worked, and he had a bad batch of burrito pudding the night before in celebration. As he tried to move the chair with commands, he sprayed brown bean-based goo all over the commands. "Quit fartin' around and move that chair!" exclaimed the doctor encouragingly.

    Just then, as he tried to hold a mudslide from voicing its opinion, a little soft poof of air forced its way past the clench triumphantly, moving the chair toward the exit. "This is just the beginning!" Stephen exclaimed, "Tonight I put into motion the greatest plan in the world!" As he pooted his way down the handicap ramp,...

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