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    michael040990 Guest
    COD MW 4 1/2 Early release featuring a new technology of mind games where he uses his mind to play the ultra realistic game and something goes wrong and he goes into cardiac arrest suck in the game inside his head the only thing he can do is

  2. #22
    HeyManHRU Guest
    pause the game and press the "Suicide" button which was a new feature. The man made it to the finals but he lost, he still won a $5000 prize for coming second. So he went back to the airport and asked the lady for a ticket to go to...

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    moja Guest
    PS3News' house (bossman), because he had to get his post count past HeyManHRUs at any cost. When at the front door, however, Michael realized there was no doorbell, so he announced himself the only way he knew how. Straight out of the Moonwalker video game years ago, he exploded into an epilpetic, but other-worldly, dance jig while exclaiming "HeeeeHee! Dopdddeepburt-cha!". Suddenly,...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    a man opened with a desert eagle in his hand pointing it to Michael's head, it wasn't the boss!, it was...

  5. #25
    moja Guest
    Serious Sam! "No, your being ignorant!" said Michael squeamishly. Suddenly, he moonwalked Sam into a trance while he danced his getaway.

    All alone, and pointing a gun at no one, Sam thought Seriously about going to the desert to finish what he started.. again. Packing his suitcase, he started remembering all the alien scum he put away while blasting through the galaxy's weirdest characters. As he gruffly shoved his bags into his car, got in, and started the engine,...

  6. #26
    elser1 Guest
    the car exploded into a miilion peices.. remarkabley sam was fine he got up and scracthed his...

  7. #27
    whiteclad57 Guest
    crotch, "Damn the movies are true" he shouted, it was then he saw that he had been blown away clear to Vegas.

  8. #28
    elser1 Guest
    he went straight to the cathouse, aq legal brothel in vegas. he thought i'd rather lose my money this way than in a casino. .he opened the door, was greeted by a fat ugly madam.. she said omg big boy i don't think....

  9. #29
    moja Guest
    that you've found my baseball!" As he turned to leave, a giant gerbil named the Gerbil King appeared with a glowy visage. "Sam," he said in a wobbly tone, "you must brave the challenges set forth by MENTAL in order to restore balance, or we will all surely perish!" "Crap.." Sam though aloud, "this isn't what I came here for. Just then...

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    gilgamish Guest
    he turns around to find him self surrounded by all those masses of people, urging him to invade into sony dark dungens, and grab that precious 3.7 CFW to save their lifes from turning into blue-greenish Forum plants, they offer him ...

    He finds himself surrounded by masses of people, urging him to battle MENTAL, invade the deep dungeons of sony, and release the 3.70 CFW Keys from the dark grip of Soney Enterprise, other wise all those people around the PS3 Forums are going to turn into that blue greenish forum addicts, rendering the world with no sun shine, ... armed with the faith of 3.55 CFW Keys, and guided by the wisdom of the elder multiman, he goes on his journey, but to make it to sony dungeons, he has to pass through the valey of Santa Monica.

    He meets, a drunken homeless on the street, in the middle of the night, the man asks him for a penny, with a familiar voice, being as broke as he is, our hero asks him to kiss off, the man grabs our hero's leg, begging him, he kicks him off, the homeless rumbles around in the mud, getting his rain coat off, and there he is, a once a God in the eyes of many, now is but a begger on the streets, Kratos, jobless after the decision of Sony to end the GOW series in GOW3, ... looking at Kratos with disbelief He ...

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