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    Starlight Guest

    Netflix Renters Say Blu-ray Discs Are Proving Easy to Damage

    People using the video renting outfit Netflix are starting to complain that Blu-ray disks are not as rugged as many people think.

    Renters have been reporting brand new Blu-ray releases from Netflix have been arriving with a 1-3mm crack through the hardcoat part along the outer edge that makes the disc unplayable.

    To quote: While DVDs sometimes used to crack customers claim that the Blu-ray hard coating actually seems to make the disks susceptible to damage in transit. The problem was noticed two years ago but hardly anyone was using Blu-ray in those days.

    Netflix raised the rates on Blu-ray plans by $1 per membership and some are suggesting it might be that the outfit wants to pass the cost of frequent disk replacement over to the consumers who rent Blu-ray.

    So far there have been no authoritative tests done for Blu-ray durability, but if it turns out that there is a real problem here, then it could eventually slow down adoption.

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    semitope Guest


    Better packaging when the discs are shipped and penalize customers who handle the discs roughly enough to scratch them.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Instead of putting out an alarm like this or raise the price. They should be putting out some statical documentation with a percentage of the amount of damaged disc's vs the number of total disc's shipped in a year. If the percentage is as low as we are thinking (not an alarming rate since we do not read this daily, weekly, monthly).

    Then it would seem user handling, be it mail or consumer. Because we all know how people just don't give a crap about something they rented once their done with it. But a factual number would be a great indicator (3 out of a 100 ?). Could be a price staff due to the hit they take from direct online ordering be it cable or dish tv.

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    ruxpin810 Guest
    i've been a netlfix customer for a while now and i guess i've been lucky because i've really only gotten 1 or 2 damaged movies that weren't playable. but i have heard an read about a lot of people having problems. one thing i like about netflix is the surveys they email customers about certain experiences.

    makes it seem like they are trying hard to find ways to improve service and satisfy customers. but i do agree that they should release statistical information. i think that would really only apply to us nerdy customers but i'm sure everyone else would appreciate it also. but i've been hearing more and more people subscribing to netflix so they must be doing something right? anyone try both netflix and blockbuster online? can you give us your opinion?

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