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    cfwprophet Guest

    Exclamation Need help with 0020 Error!

    I have here 3 x360 wich first haved the Error 0102 and after reflowing i now get the Error 0020.
    One of them showed as second Error the 0021 and after reflowing the x360 RAM on the bottom of the mb i got than the Error 0020.

    I readed on the WEB that it should have something todo with pressure.But i now trying it over the half day.Playing around with the bolts but no success.

    Does any one have successful solved the Error 0020?Maybe more than one times?

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    i am in the reflow bussness myself and some xbox 360's can be troublesome. these codes you are getting believe it or not are the result of the reflow prosess not getting the solder sphers hot enough. idk what kind of reflow system you are using but for good results with xbox 360 you need an infared system to accuratly control the temp.

    some of these troubled xbox 360's like this can take up to 250c to get good conections again. also you need not reflow the ram or cup ussualy error 0022 is the only code i have ever need to reflow the cpu for and i have never had to reflow the ram only the gpu. hope this helps xvm05.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    THX that helps a lot!!
    Well to time i use a simply heat gun with only two modes and i couldn say how high the temp really will be.There for im a little bit more gently.

    I have seen a methode where a guy only haved 1 inch distance to the board and he reflowed the PUīs and RAMīs for 15 sec.

    This was for a PS3 but i mainly think it is the same issue on both consoles.Sure the x360 more then the PS3 but should work and it didnt.

    Ok i then will concentrade on the GPU and i think i now will use 2 inches of distance to the board and do a little bit longer the reflowing part.

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    well heat guns are not the way to go as the board get warped as it heats you need a good rework setup i recomend an infared station witch usualy rim any where from 1000 to 2000 usd. the inclued a preheater witch is the most important part of sucessful reflows you need a preheat temp of at least 150c i recommed 170c.

    this is done over time witch reduces the stress on the mb and less deflection (warping). then the top heating element dont have to work as hard to get the gpu up to temp since it is already at 170c.. 220 will solve most issues but sometimes they have a lot of cold solder joints and need superheat like 240 to 250c.

    this is where the 0020 gets sloved but also if the board is warped there maybe no fix that will work as the sphers cant touch the pads they need to due to teh surface being uneven.

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