As part of an article investigating Nintendo DS piracy, an NDS pirate was interviewed to ask him his thoughts on the whole affair.

He commented that as he has access to so many games, he only plays them for five minutes before loading up something else and essentially enjoys gaming LESS.

For any pirates out there, has easy access to game also ruined your appetite for serious gaming?

To quote: Of course, these viewpoints fail to counter the fact that video game piracy is fundamentally wrong.

Games may cost a lot of money but they also cost a lot to produce, and when you pirate a game you might otherwise have purchased you're essentially robbing the publisher and developer of potential reward for their hard work. Just because it's easy to do doesn't make it any less illegal or immoral.

It's also fair to say that when you acquire things with little to no effort you fail to truly appreciate them. During our investigation we spoke to a gamer who readily admitted that he pirated DS games. Surprisingly, rather than feeling like a kid in a candy store, he revealed that such a wealth of choice ironically resulted in him enjoying his hobby less.

"Because I have access to so many games I only play them for maybe five minutes before loading up something else," commented our mystery gamer (we can't reveal his true identity because if his mum reads this she'll stop his pocket money for a week).

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