Zitat: I modified shared2clean a bit to make it possible to delete all the files created by preloader (<0.29 or 0.29) and DVDX 3.4 on the filesystem.

You'll have the choice to delete each file separately (settings, hacks, installed DOL, the locations are different between 0.29 and the other versions, so there are different choices). If you had preloader 0.28 or less and you upgraded to 0.29, you can safely delete the old files, since they're left there but not used at all.

You can also delete the 4.0 System Menu app loaded by preloader 0.29, however only do it if you've already installed the system menu wad of your choice, otherwise you'll be able to load preloader but not the System Menu!.

I take no credit for this (after all, it continues to be 99% tona's code).