Monster Hunter 3 is an upcoming title from Capcom that is one of the most anticipated Nintendo Wii titles within Japan.

Although announced for Japan only, with talks of it going elsewhere as well, this title wasn't always set for the Nintendo Wii but rather the Playstation 3. With the change of platforms Capcom had to rethink how it would be developing this title as the PlayStation 3 version was to be originally be built off Monster Hunter 1.

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of this title, revealed that with the change to Nintendo Wii they were given the opportunity to build the game from scratch which they knew would be the harder way to go but would pay off the most.

Kaname Fujioka, director of the title, has also made it known that monsters that have originally appeared in previous Monster Hunter titles will feel new and different to fans of this series as all elements of monsters have also been rehashed.

Monsters will also seem more realistic in this title as in previously in the series Monsters acted with no awareness of other monsters surrounding them but this time awareness will be at full advantage and players will be able to use this to their advantage.

Kaname Fujioka gave an example that if a larger monster was in the back and small monsters were towards you going to attack you the larger monster will most likely notice them and charge towards them to finish them off and then towards you if you stick around for the wonderful site you are witnessing.

New weapons and armor will appear in the game also along with weapons and armor found in previous titles but this time the two things will have more greater and realistic effects on how you do play.

The game which has been revealed to have offline and online play has been said by Kaname Fujioka online play should be played if available but if your only an offline player you will still gain much from this title.

Monster Hunter 3 will be shown off later this year at the Tokyo Game Show in which it will be playable for the first time ever. More PlayStation 3 News...