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    Starlight Guest

    Mirror's Edge PC Dated, Multiplatform DLC Confirmed by EA Rep

    Why EA would promise both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners fresh DLC, when everybody knows that Mirror's Edge PS3 is getting the exclusive?

    We asked our friendly neighborhood EA representative.

    To quote: "It's downloadable content for both platforms," a spokesperson told GameCyte.

    While PS3 might well have some token exclusive DLC (just look at how EA is handling Dead Space), DLC in and of itself will apparently not be exclusive. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jro121782 Guest

    Exclusive Content Not Needed

    PS3 should not sink to 360 tactics. We do not need eclusive material in order to want a PS3 over a 360. Playstation fans are true Playstation fans and not just a bunch of front runners going after what the other systems doesn't have. I know myself that it may take a little time for the ps3 to sell as many as the 360, due to many reasons.

    (1) Being the ps3 came out a year later. (2) There are alot of front runners out there that wont understand the capabilities of the ps3 until someone ties them down and makes them listen to what the future of playstation can become. (3) One of the biggest reasons is it is just to pricey for a lot of peoples blood. As soon as the price drops I believe they will sell like there's no tomorrow.

    With that said, let the 360 play there games and watch Playstation start to grow on everyone. JUST GIVE IT TIME!!!!

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