Honestly i ran both beta and rc windows 7, and it ran games drastically worse then with xp on the same machine. No doubt that win7 is much better then vista in many respects...but games was the only area that win7 had trouble and did not impress me.

In CSS i went from a consistant 70 fps in XP to no higher then 30fps in windows 7, and the gameplay was choppy and seemed to lag more (on the same hardware).

I chalked it up to immature video drivers for windows 7...

I have to agree with another persons point about compiz (in Ubuntu)... same if not better 3d visual elements on the desktop...but it doesnt hog resources to use.

While windows 7 is better with resources... it still is a huge install. Ubuntu 9.04 takes up aprox 2.5gb fresh install.

I just wish that MS would realize that there is a large segment of people out there who want a solid, not flashy, OS that is fast and resource efficient. Either that or i wish another company would make a true alternative to windows thats light weight... windows compatible without all the junk.

This is why people have clinged to XP for so long. You can still buy new computers with XP on it, thats just crazy and yet MS doesnt get it.