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    Starlight Guest

    Microsoft's Deal with Square Prevents a US Demo of FFXIII?

    Well, it looks like Microsoft has struck again! This time it has affected the playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII that was supposed to be in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Blu-ray release due out in June 7th, 2009.

    The Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has the playable demo, obviously because Final fantasy XIII is an exclusive title in Japan and the deal that Microsoft has struck with Square Enix has slowed up the development of the game in general, which is the obvious reason for the game not even being out in Japan yet.

    However, this has also affected the localization of the game which should have been in progress by now and would have allowed every version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to include a Final Fantasy XIII demo instead of what appears to only be game footage that is already available on the Internet instead of a demo that would cause sales for the Blu-ray release of the movie to soar.

    Thanks a bundle Microsoft...and even more-so, Square Enix who has spent this whole generation making a decision that leads to them dropping the ball repeatedly.

    That is still no excuse for there to be such a change in plans for the US and Euro versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to not have this demo available after stating the complete opposite a year ago. I just don't understand why can't they provide localization for the demo after all this mess, how much time would it seriously take?

    There is however, an alternative for PS3 owners outside of Japan so do not worry!, Play-Asia.com has Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Blu-ray for $53.90... without the Final Fantasy XIII playable demo, however if you want the Blu-ray version with the playable demo then you'll only have to fork over a measly $69.90.

    Alright, maybe it's just me but the first price scared me away regardless if the playable demo was included, but $70 for a mediocre Anime including the demo of a game that I am souring more and more on by the moment is just ridiculous.

    Original sources said a year ago and as early as Christmas that the US version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children would be getting the Final Fantasy XIII playable demo and I assumed the Euro version would receive this as well.

    This is proving how much Microsoft is screwing up plans by throwing money around instead of letting the gaming world evolve. I don't even hate Microsoft, even though I disagree with their practices and also shoving out an incomplete console that is called the XBOX 360.

    On top of all this mess, this is one scenario where the 360 version of a game WILL hold back the Playstation 3 version due to it being on DVD9 compared to Blu-ray. I mean look at how cheap Lost Odyssey was made and it was on 4 discs. In the era of HD gaming, you just simply need more capacity than the 7GB of space that Microsoft uses for games and in the RPG genre, space is a must if you are going to have the game in HD. Period.

    Let alone the fact that Square Enix is just losing more and more fire after each release they come with, and as a PS3 owner, only White Knight Chronicles even counts as a real RPG for me when it eventually releases outside of Japan because Level 5 has become much more reliable than Square Enix at this point.

    I know Microsoft is trying it's best to keep up with Sony's lineup of games, because that's where they failed during last gen, but they just need to come with their own exclusives and their own way of combating Sony and Nintendo without trying to buy up all of the3rd party exclusives.

    Which is fine, but the part that puzzles me is paying for a "Timed Exclusive", I just don't get that tactic and so far it has failed because despite all of this and the Playstation 3 being twice the price of the XBOX 360 for 6 months now, they still have been pretty much selling at the same pace since inception and this plan only works for them on paper because they try to make it look like the XBOX 360 is killing the Playstation 3...when they in fact are not.

    I look at it like this, the first XBOX came out a year after the PlayStation 2 and put the XBOX 360 out a year before Sony did with the PS3, and Sony is still making money off the PlayStation 2 while the XBOX is nowhere to be seen. Are they in this for putting out the best gaming experience possible or are they just trying to capitalize like they did in the PC world which they have also lost a grip on as well.

    I don't know what to make of this mess right now and maybe it'll make more sense later this year when Square Enix starts shedding some light on where they plan on going in this generation, but it looks like they have made one poor mistake after another.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sekemc Guest
    Great article, totally agree with it!

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    otarumx Guest
    This really makes me angry, mainly because MS is slowly killing the chances of Square Enix to succeed in the new console generation. This can be seen by the mediocre games that have come on 360 and what may be a toned down version of FFXIII for America.

    Why do I say "toned down"?, Well, imagine that the game is I don't know 50GB and with proper compression of video and audio it can be reduced to 25 thats 4 DVDs (cosnidering most 360 disks don't use the whole 8GB) now the compressed video would have to be 720p even if the uncompressed one could be shown at 1080p so the american version would top at 720p with upscaling.

    Now, the textures optimized for PS3 require a certain set of instructions on cell and the spus that make for some cool visual effects, imagine that some of those cannot be coded properly on 360, in classic MS screwing with PS3 both versions would have to use the lower textures so no one version is better than the other.

    An so on and so forth, if MS is willing to go as far as stopping an american demo on PS3 they can very well stop the american version from having anything superior whether it is textures, video, extras or any other thing effectively making the Us version a pale shadow of the Japanese one.

    Now, all of this is conjecture but seeing how Ms and S-E have been handling the PS3 in america it wouldn't surprise me at all if it all turned out to be true.

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    sharks Guest

    MS needs to bail out before it permanently changes how 3rd parties think and create.

    It's clear why MS has to buy all the 3rd party exclusives - they have simply got nothing to show for their console. Sony has got the best exclusives and by far overshadows COMPLETELY MS' own efforts. Halo Wars is a disaster and with a new Halo coming up, there is no enthusiastic build-up or whatever gamers would probably describe as, the impatience and eagerness to pre-order a game you can't wait to play.

    If the question of fanboism should ever arise - I have had my PS3 for a few months and bought an XBOX360 last month. I played Gears of War on the XBOX360. Took me a week to finish both and now i'm seriously considering the option of selling it. There's nothing special left on the xbox360 in its available or upcoming games library or hardware capabilities, that i can't already find on the PS3.

    In one word, MS is way out of their league with games for their console and they should really stop trying the easy way by buying what they can't achieve by themselves. They have money to burn, so why not create something with the resources that they have. Open up more first-party studios and recruit some creative talents to work for them. Why "steal" all the exclusives?

    They just are out of ideas on how to make their consoles work, and they can't invest and wait years before a good new game is ready. Like for example, Killzone2 for Sony took more than 4 years of development. MS can't wait. They desperately need games fast to keep their consoles from losing to Sony's. So it's just dishing out money and acquiring whatever they can, to try to limit the damages by Sony's consistent genuine effort in pushing gaming towards new frontiers and greater possibilities.

    And despite having bought myself an xbox360 last month (i wanted to play Gears of War and i had some extra cash, while awaiting for Sony's exclusive game Infamous to release which is about 2 months from now), i just can't figure out how Sony was able to put out such a very fine console compared to the poorly designed and very poorly engineered xbox 360.

    I have them both side by side next to my HDTV, and i am so disappointed with the xbox360. It looks so ordinary, and almost last-gen with the ordinary DVD tray (wow NOISY!), among many other lessening features and the bulking battery slot behind the wireless controller.

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    toxsik Guest
    I 100% agree with this post.

    What disappoints me most is that even though SE said FFXIII was going to use ps3 to full potential i highly doubt that now. Since i can't see M$ throwing all that cash at them and then not being like "No way ps3's version can't be better!, after we gave y'all all this cheddar". We'll see though, but with every post like this about this game I lose a little more faith.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Wow, I was kinda "Neutral", but I'm really beginning to lean towards "Hating". It's as if Microsoft is scared from Sony, so they cut trees to block Sony's path. A huge buisness doing stuff like this, only makes me feel like boycotting their stuff, instead of buying. Even if it would get all PS3 exclusives suddenly.

    Anyway I agree with the article, except for the part where the 360 version WILL be holding back the PS3 version of the game. The guy from Square Enix said they would first complete the PS3 version before porting it to the 360 (doh). and a few weeks ago they said that the final version will be using nearly 100% of the PS3's power (while there's still no news about a 360 version at all). However it's a bit weird to say that for a multiplatform game. Because a game using nearly 100% of the PS3's capabilites means that it's incompatible with the 360.

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    BigBlarg Guest
    If I remember what I've read in the past, Final Fantasy XIII was developped on Square's multi-platform engine. It could easily use the full potential of the xbox 360, and the PS3 at the same time. But because the xbox 360 still use only DVD... then the "full potential" could be lower than the PS3. Only time will tell... (Or maybe it was their next MMORPG that was made on their multiplatform engine.... not sure)

    About the demo disc, I don't know why you thought it would be in the US release? I've never heard any news about the demo being in the US version of the movie, and it was known by many people that only the japanese version would have the demo, since many months.

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    i wont talk about microsoft trying to bye companys off so they could get some of the heat.

    i'll talk about how SE is dum to make such a decision. let's think about the chances of there game is copied and pirated hence losing money on xbox 360 or keeping it on PS3 and having a big chance off nobody can copy it.

    Sony got there back but what about Microsoft??

    i think they well lose eventually more than the deal microsoft gave them, that has got to be allllloooottt of money.

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    tacataca Guest
    all the above comments have a point but what will happend to the game itself?......with a critical situation and decision of square enix, all of the ps3 players with the media sites will compare the xbox and ps3 versions so....the game is losing the heat and with the results of the comparision that will screw more the decision to buy the game and with more and more quality demanding games out there.....square enix is finished....as you could see the best games in all aspects are not so hyped and i know that out there are some exceptions. they are playing the game of the bunny and the turtle, MS is teh bunny without game and Square enix is the turtle without fans or quality games, so the turtle wins with all the money of microsoft and poor sales for both consoles due to quality issues(100% of the ps3 power not used) and no new or more fans for the game as other FF game

    Square enix have more to loose even with the money of microsoft, the exception of this rule is bethesdas cuz fall out 3 its an excelent game, i doubt that FFXIII will be amazing

    and what will be next?download content for FFXIII cuz square enix cant earn the same money for the ps3? or just more and DLC exclusives for the Xbox?

    sure this will be a mess and a lot of people already hate MS and Square enix and more will be added in the future, really bad decision, that kind of money bussines are screwing up this world in every aspect, now its the time for the videogames industrie

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    Reaper24 Guest
    I agree that its not fair that both the US and Euro versions of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the movie wont come with the playable Final Fantasy 13 playable demo.

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