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    Microsoft XBox 360 Live Advertisement Using LittleBigPlanet Tune

    Many people have associated LittleBigPlanet with the song Get it Together by the Go! Team.

    However, it seems Microsoft has decided to begin using this tune in a recent advertisement for their Xbox 360 too.

    To quote: This is the LittleBigPlanet theme they're running over their suspiciously similar marketing campaign.

    Now to be honest, this song is by The Go Team and was licensed by Sony for use in LittleBigPlanet. However, the song feels like it's been accepted as the spiritual soundtrack for LittleBigPlanet. And Microsoft have to be aware of that.

    Check out the video of it below- LOL!

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    Rocky5 Guest
    lol PS3 fanboys are going to be pissed off lol.. to me its just a song and a cool one at that also you have to think about the artists that made the song they don't care where it goes as long as they make money as every one has to eat and live.

    also before I'm hounded i have a PS3 too with LBP my psn name is JCRocky5.. check if you want.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    but your looking at it as if a ps3 fan boy would look at it.

    instead they are using a song that is greatly recognised as the song from LBP so in fact when its played people think of it as the song from that rather than an xbox commercial, they have flawed themselves.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Typical MS though. Never a leader, just a company that will go out and buy you out if they want to act like their up to par with Sony and Nintendo. The real video game companies. If MS did not have billions, there would be no Xbox. Any other company would have folded loosing one billion in repair cost. But, that's another issue. So what next? A law suit from Sony to add to the stack MS already has?

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    Anthogno Guest
    What the heck are u guys talking about, the staff from marketing and designers probably never even touched PS3, let alone recognize a song from a game. They just picked a charming tune..

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    well my point has not got anything to do with the ms/sony relationship, or anything that ms is a follower rather than a leading.

    its almost like frosties using the coca pops theme tune, its a song that is recgonised in the gaming industry as the theme from LBP, its a flaw from the marketing dept. they should have picked up on it and found another charming song to use.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    i own a xbox360 (two infact for multiplayer) 1 ps3 (no way can i afford two of them) most of my games are for the 360 but im not a fanboy of either is what im trying to say.

    i read the article and thought how low can you get Micro$oft! but watched the vid and got the urge to play little big planet... as someone else said m$ screwed up lol.

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    victorinox Guest
    i've read the comments, on this subject on several forums... and i got to say, i dont see why anyone really cares... its a song... over time, it might even evolve to people going "LBP stole it from Microsoft" but who really cares...

    the way, i see it is... they planned this, and planed for people to be pissed, and since several sites are talking about it, its free marketing... though it might not help, it will get the word out there.

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    Gustavolol Guest
    I feel bad for sony.. They just keep getting it up their rear.

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