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    Microsoft Says New XBox Experience Has Reinvented the 360

    Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg proclaimed the New XBox Experience as a fresh start for the XBox 360, and claims that it reinvented the system for the older users and making it more attractive to others.

    He added that owners should be prepared for lots of new things to roll out over the duration of this year.

    To quote: Aaron Greenberg, the group product manager for the Xbox 360 at Microsoft, talked about the NXE at the recent CES convention. He went on to say that the update was devised as a fresh start for the Xbox 360 and that it reinvented the console for its old users, making it more attractive and friendly to new ones, who would purchase the console in the future.

    He then mentioned that a lot of things could be added to this new interface and that Xbox 360 users needed to prepare for new things in the coming year.

    "When we approached the NXE, we really thought about it as if we were launching an entirely new console. When we started thinking about all the changes and possibilities, at first we thought 'Well, we'll update this, change that.'

    Then we thought, well, 'What if we just completely wiped the slate clean and completely reinvent the console From The ground up?' It was a pretty massive undertaking, a massive amount of work and we've been very happy with the results.

    We've designed it so we can continuously update it with new features, so I think we'll be able to keep up and fine tune based on feedback from the community."

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    H1tman Guest
    Being an old blades user I think this update is bad. I get lost as its so full of crap now. I hope they update all the pages and make it good like the blades was.

    Or have an option to turn off all the bad pages. There are now about 4 pages and they are all not needed.. We only need the xbox one as if you hit the guide button you go to the marketplace from there.

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