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    Takavach Guest

    Microsoft Reconsiders Homosexual LIVE Ban Member Policy

    Microsoft is apparently considering changing its policy on homosexual users who describe their sexual activity on the LIVE service.

    The reconsideration comes after a female was banned from the service after describing herself as a lesbian.

    To quote: Microsoft is considering changing its policy on how Xbox users describe their sexuality following a row over a user who claimed to have been barred from Xbox LIVE for describing herself as a lesbian.

    Interviewed by MTV, Xbox LIVE program manager for policy and enforcement, Stephen Toulouse, said: "I can't talk about future plans, except to say we want to provide the capability for our users to express relationship preference or gender without a way for it to be misused."

    His comments follow an article by the Consumerist in which an Xbox LIVE user named Teresa who says she was abused on Microsoft's gaming service because she identified herself in her profile as a lesbian.

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    ricky23i Guest
    one of my friends got banned for stating that they where straight on here bio. lol

    i would sue MS for discrimination!

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