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    Starlight Guest

    Microsoft Infiltrates Firefox With .NET Framework Component

    What did Microsoft want to achieve with this nebulous, spyware-like update?

    That question was posed by the author of Dedoimedo, when he found that the latest update to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (KB951847) secretly added a strange new component to Firefox.

    This is a very serious breach of user trust. Not only is this package delivered without explicit approval, it's also made difficult to remove.

    Moreover, its use is not clear. The change affects third-party software, not one of Microsoft's products.

    I was not asked to approve or even confirm this installation. There is no mention that this thing was going to be installed, neither on the Microsoft pages or during the installation itself. And now, it seems, it cannot be removed. Fortunately he did find a way and details the removal process HERE.

    So what is Microsoft up to, quietly adding components to Firefox? Even if this addition is perfectly benign, are there any guarantees it will always remain so, especially given the STM corporation's dubious history?

    Imagine if the Firefox team snuck in an addition to Internet Explorer. I bet the lawsuits would already be flying!

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    jevolution Guest
    microsoft had no right and the installation should be optional, as well as removal be possible and simple... at the same time, i think too much of a big deal is being made about this... microsoft has been screwing us over for years.

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    HenryMax Guest
    I don't even have installed the SP3

    Do I have a problem? Doc?

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    twitch Guest
    And people are supprised about this? Ha, I was expecting it...

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