Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog (linked above) has detailed their new XBox Experience, more specifically the Themes 2.0 aspect of it and the Friends Channel.

To quote: There's been a lot of chatter about whether or not you can keep what you have, how they will look and how the new stuff will be different. We'll be tackling all of that today so pay attention! Also in this week’s Developer Diaries, we’re going to show you more on the new Friends Channel - another area we got a lot of questions about after we first showed it to you at E3.

This fall, themes are getting even more detailed with the New Xbox Experience. Themes will take over more than just the background of your Dashboard - they will be present on every channel in cool, dynamic ways. Yes, I said, "DYNAMIC." Check out the screens below that show the Underground Theme on the Dashboard and the Friends Channel. (Remember, to see the images more clearly, click on them and you will be sent to our flickr feed.)

Every graphic on each channel will tie into your theme and change if you choose a different one. You can really see this on the Friends Channel - each of your friends' Avatars will stand next to a different graphic or environment. These graphics will match the theme you choose and will change dynamically as you navigate from channel to channel. But that’s not all; the themes will be subtly animated. This is some pretty cool stuff when you see it.

This is what your Dashboard and Friends Channel would look like with the Signature Theme - picture the bubbles in the background moving, shrinking, growing - you get the idea.

Also on the Friends Channel, you’ll be able to see your friends’ Avatars rally when you host a LIVE party. You can see who is online and offline by what their Avatars are doing, too. Online? Your friends will emote and be able to wave you over to jump into their party. Offline? Well, they’re snoozing, of course.

Finally (and many of you have asked us about this) don’t worry - you can still use the themes you previously purchased with the New Xbox Experience. They’ll look even better over the new UI, especially in high-definition.

That’s it for this week’s Developer Diaries. We hope you like what you’ve seen so far, and check back next week for more details on the New Xbox Experience.

More pics available at the link above! More PlayStation 3 News...