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    Starlight Guest

    Microsoft Announces Windows 7 SKUs Are Now Available

    The following will be the actual new SKUs for the OS:

    - Windows 7 Starter (limited to three apps concurrently)
    - Windows 7 Home Basic (for emerging markets)
    - Windows 7 Home Premium (adds Aero, Touch, Media Center)
    - Windows 7 Professional (Remote Desktop host, Mobility Center, Presentation mode)
    - Windows 7 Enterprise (volume license only, boot from virtual drive, BitLocker)
    - Windows 7 Ultimate (limited availability, includes everything)

    This information has been confirmed by Microsoft... who never listens to us. At least most consumers will only see Home Premium and Professional options at retail, which is more akin to the XP options of yore, and means WMC will be "baseline" for most PCs.

    Update: Just to be clear, we've checked specifically with Microsoft on all six versions, and the placement of Home Basic in emerging markets.

    Windows 7 Starter

    - Available worldwide to OEMs on new PCs
    - Missing Aero UI tweaks
    - Limited to 3 simultaneous applications

    Windows 7 Home Basic -- (Vista equivalent: $200)

    - Only available in emerging markets
    - Missing Aero UI tweaks

    Windows 7 Home Premium -- (Vista equivalent: $260)

    - Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
    - Includes Aero UI tweaks
    - Features multi-touch capabilities
    - Adds "premium" games
    - Adds media capabilities (Media Center, DVD playback, DVD creation, etc.)
    - Can create home network groups

    Windows 7 Professional -- (Vista equivalent: $300)

    - Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
    - Includes all features of Premium
    - Adds enhanced networking capabilities (Remote Desktop host, domain support, offline folders, etc.)
    - Adds Mobility Center
    - Adds Presentation Mode

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    - Available only in volume licenses
    - Includes all features of Professional
    - Adds Branch Cache
    - Adds Direct Access
    - Adds BitLocker

    Windows 7 Ultimate -- (Vista equivalent: $320)

    - Limited OEM and retail availability
    - Includes all features of Enterprise

    Current Vista breakdown can be found here.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Exit24 Guest
    Windows 7 Starter seems completely useless. You are Limited to 3 simultaneous applications? How stupid is that! At lease the sales associate won’t have a hard time up selling a customer once he says that you can only run 3 applications at one time.

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