Memento (aka Max Louarn et al :p) have finally done away with the DOS command-line version and have released a Windows interface for the PS2 Memor 32.

Download: Memento v0.9b - PAL PS2 ONLY

To quote: Here we are again, this time we release our last beta, the v0.9b. This is already a giant step in respect to the previous beta. Also we are releasing today a window interface for the patcher.

You will not need anymore to use the DOS command line, but you will be able to patch in a matter of seconds with this easy window interface.

This version is still PAL, but all issues was solved for the NTSC, so is just a matter to pack it and test it. Expect the v1.0 with full PAL/NTSC support and more features in a very short time!

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