Here are some suggestions for those posting in The Marketplace BST (Buy, Sell, and Trade) section:

  • Posts in this section do NOT count towards posts made in this Forum as this area is not archived!

  • Per the Site Rules, do NOT post your e-mail address in threads here. Instead, put it in your Forum Profile and direct users there to contact you. Don't tell people to PM you as we do not use PMs on this site.

  • If you are selling something it helps if you post a picture/pictures with the item and something with your username on, as well as state the price you want for your item. It also helps if you can offer to put a BIN on ebay for the buyer if your reputation/post count is low.

  • If you are buying it may help to state the price you wish to offer for the item you seek. (maybe someone has what you're looking for but wasn't thinking about selling it till they seen your request for it and the price you wish to pay)

  • If you're looking to trade... well that's self explanatory (surely you'd post what you have and what you want) pictures of what you have to trade also help when looking to trade.

  • And always be careful, PS3 News takes no responsibility for your dealings. It is best to fund your purchase with a credit card that has fraud protection because you never know!

Good luck.

Feel free to post whatever you wish to buy, sell, or trade here but no warez of any kind... meaning if you aren't the original owner of the hardware or software then don't post it here. No HDD's full of illegal/burned games or ROMs, etc.

Whenever possible, it's recommended users attach pictures to verify you actually possess said merchandise or include eBay references.

Finally, absolutely no commercial sales or services here... this is intended for individuals only selling non-bulk items. If you wish to be a sponsor then contact us and we will be happy to work with you promoting your site and products here and on our main page. Enjoy!

PS: This section requires you to select a Prefix to indicate the nature of your thread when posting. Either: Buying, Selling, Trading