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    jdeecee Guest

    Manhunt 2 Uncensored Patch

    Here's the patch I made for the game. Not sure if anyone else has released this yet for the PS2 HDD. Turn on widescreen in settings to see everything better. Use PPF patcher to make it work.
    This is for the USA NTSC version. Not sure if it works for PAL version.

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    Starlight Guest


    I have mis-understood something i think what does the patch do exactly, does it clean up the grainyness that is in the game (as that can be taken out by turning off screen noise fx in settings) or does it show parts of the game that normally would not be seen, or make it playable from the hdd? as it can be loaded from the hdd both PAL and NTSC versions with no modes enabled

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    jdeecee Guest
    It shows parts of the game that normally would not be seen as like the patch for the PSP. Executions are seen without the color bursts.

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    Starlight Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jdeecee View Post
    It shows parts of the game that normally would not be seen as like the patch for the PSP. Executions are seen without the color bursts.
    Thanks for clearing that up jdeecee as i was thinking it might be that.

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    darkmetal Guest
    How do you apply the patch?

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    Starlight Guest


    You make a bin/cue image file of the game first then you need a program called PPF-O-MATiC 2.0 which is in the PS2 HDD Navigation sticky thread and under ps2 utilities and then select ps2homebrew utilities and you then unzip the zip/rar file then open PPF-O-MATiC and in the PPF file window you put the patch you downloaded for the game manhunt 2, but unzip the patch first from the zip/rar file.

    And in the BIN file window you put the bin image file you made of the game manhunt 2, you don't need the cue file just the bin file, once you have the ppf patch and the bin file in their correct window click on the apply button and that's it your done.

    Now just burn that bin image you just patched to a DVD with a burning software that burns bin files like Dvd Decrypter or Imgburn and then enjoy the game on DVD or put onto the PS2 HDD.

    Your question should have actually been posted in the PC/TECH Support forum as this is for ps2 hdd related questions, as this is a patching/burning question but will let it slide this time.

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    Pantera1222 Guest
    Thanks, I can't wait to play this game and especially try this patch out. YEAH!!!

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    AgentClaret Guest
    Do you think theres a way to add the head splatterings, plier executions, decapitations, innocent people and scoring system back by using files from the beta? ive been looking at it myself, but i dont know what im doing...

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    Pantera1222 Guest
    Just used the patch and It works wonderfully. THANK YOU!!! I would have liked to see the game before the censor changes were made. I bet it ROCKED!!!

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    theundertaker18 Guest
    Is there a PPF patch for the PS2 PAL retail version?

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