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    Starlight Guest

    Local Retailers Biased Against Sony PlayStation?

    Having not ever been an owner of a PS3 or PSP, I wasn't aware of the bias that retailers are showing towards the PlayStation 3 console.

    One of the guys that I work with is a huge PlayStation fan. Not a fanboy, mind you, but a normal person who happens to like the PS3 over the 360.

    I've heard him talk about it before, but I've always passed it off as simple bad customer service or people just being overly hyped about a 360 game over the PlayStation ones, but after "Emergence Day 2?, I was shocked and appalled at the level of anti-PS3 sentiment he had to deal with.

    It all started with him telling me that every time he went to his local game store, a small "mom and pop" type store where he has shopped for quite a while, they constantly bugged him to show up to the midnight release of Gears of War 2. On every visit, it seemed, he had to remind the shop owner that he did not have a 360 and had no intention of buying one.

    I chalked this up to the store owner, a gamer himself, just being hyped about the release of the game. Gears of War 2 is a huge title, after all. After delving into it some more over several days of conversation, I soon learned that it was much more heinous than just a simple overzealous game store proprietor.

    My friend went out to purchase Resistance 2 at a huge retail chain (which shall remain unnamed), and because the games are locked behind a glass case, he had to ask a sales associate for assistance. He asked the clerk if he could purchase a game, and the clerk dutifully took out his keys and opened the 360 section and grabbed up a copy of Gears 2. Quite confused, my friend asked the guy what he was doing to which the clerk replied "You want Gears, right? That's what everyone else is getting."

    My friend said no, he doesn't want Gears and that he didn't even own a 360 - he was a PS3 gamer. The clerk looked at him like he was crazy, unsure of what to do next. He then told the clerk what games he wanted (I believe it was Resistance 2 and the PSP version of EndWar), and the clerk just looked even more aghast. He did get the games he was after, but the treatment he received was disturbing to say the least.

    Talking further with my friend, he said that this sort of thing happens all the time. He told me that he's never able to talk to sales people familiar with the PS3 as everyone working in all the local stores are 360 gamers and don't know anything about the PS3.

    It has even gone so far that he stopped shopping at the local store he frequented because they never got Sony games in on time, unlike their instantly up-to-date 360 library. Now he only buys used movies there, and refuses to purchase games from the small local game shop.

    If it was just that small local game store, I'd just chalk it up to that particular owner's own gaming preferences affecting his business, but my friend says he has to deal with it all the time at pretty much all the gaming and retail stores that sell games that he goes to.

    Hell, this is Lancaster, PA, we're talking about, so maybe there is some sort of Amish influence against the more technologically advanced system in favor of the more tolerable systems. I don't know.

    The entire thing was quite a learning experience and has enlightened me to exactly why some PS3 fanboys are so rabid in their devotion to their system of choice. They have to be to put up with all the negative stereotypes surrounding the system and its owners, as well as the horrible treatment people trying to purchase the system receive from retailers.

    It's a time for change, not just here where I am in America, but all over the world. We CAN have games come out on multiple systems without arguing over two lousy frames per second.

    We CAN rationally discuss our differing opinions on games without degenerating into crying, rabid fanboys. We CAN live in a world with Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 together on the same shelf without getting into fist fights over which is better. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    And, it's like nobody can understand that they are both equal. For gaming purposes of course, because the exclusives do balance out. I have yet to play Gears of War 2. My bud's got it and I'll probably check it out soon enough. It's too bad that kids argue over silly things like this.

    I will argue though, that the PlayStation 3 is much more media... friendly? It's perfect for movies, music & photos. I've tried messing with these functions on a 360 but was not pleased at all.

    By the way, Starlight, it's about time you purchased a PlayStation 3. They're better than 360s you know.

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    Starlight Guest
    I don't own a xbox either as i would rather buy a ps3 for sure, as i have been with sony since ps1.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I remember when I went to pick up Little Big planet. Some other guy was in line and we decided to talk about Resistance 2. I was explaining how my friend was picked for Beta and we we're on there all night playing it, I also made a comment how I believed that resistance had server based hosting. (That is what games like Halo use to eliminate lag. however some games are just as bad online as the PS3 because not all games use them).

    Anyway to the point. When I was done and had my Little Big Planet, I started to head to the door, the guy I was talking to stated "Yeah Ps3 online has gotten a lot better lately." And when I turned around to agree with the guy. The clerk took a step back, looked at the guy like he was insane and said "It should have been that way to begin with."

    Now I wouldn't have minded the statement, Had we been talking about something specific.... However the way he said it got to me. And if it was a normal person I wouldn't have mind so much. And if he would have said, "Yeah, but I believe it should have been that way all along." I would have been fine with it. But like I said you could tell he was a "FANBOY" Just from what he did.

    I just want gamestop to put their employees through "Nutural training" and give them the truth. Martian Luther king would say, "Don't judge a man by the name of his gaming console, but by greatness of his skills." Or maybe I would say that. Now I'm just rambling on.

    My point is, there are a lot of haters out there. I chose to ignore them, but next time I'll just have to keep asking him about PS3 crap.

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    mixedkebab Guest
    its the same here in the uk.. 360 fanboys in all game stores especially when gta 4 came out

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    xxLindenxx Guest


    xbox 360 = white
    ps3 = black

    is this racism all over again ? where's luther king when you need him.

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    darabo Guest
    In many stores where I live there are employees who are biased against the PS3 and every time I go to their stores there is always some worker who bad mouths it.

    It's surprising hilarious to hear them actually.

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