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    Apr 2005

    Last-Minute Conficker Survival Guide Available

    I saw this on Yahoo, and with tomorrow being April 1st (D-Day for the Conficker worm) here is an excerpt that may help:

    Your first step should be the tools you already have: Windows Update, to make sure your computer is fully patched, and your current antivirus software, to make sure anything that slips through the cracks is caught.

    But if Conficker's already on your machine, it may bypass certain subsystems and updating Windows and your antivirus at this point may not work. If you are worried about anything being amiss - try booting into Safe Mode, which Conficker prevents, to check - you should run a specialized tool to get rid of Conficker.

    Microsoft offers a Web-based scanner (note that some users have reported it crashed their machines; I had no trouble with it), so you might try one of these downloadable options instead: Symantec's Conficker (aka Downadup) tool, Trend Micro's Cleanup Engine, or Malwarebytes.

    Conficker may prevent your machine from accessing any of these websites, so you may have to download these tools from a known non-infected computer if you need them. Follow the instructions given on each site to run them successfully. (Also note: None of these tools should harm your computer if you don't have Conficker.)

    As a final safety note, all users - whether they're worried about an infection or know for sure they're clean - are also wise to make a full data backup today.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I have a feeling this is a Hoax...

    1: When ever the media starts pointing out viruses and saying how bad they are. They turn out not to be real... (Example: Ilikecheeze Olympic torch virus.)
    2: April 1st.... No body plays pranks on that day. In fact if I remember correctly it's anti-fools day.
    3: Anti-Virus programs like Norton need money. Or else they wont be allowed to sell crappy Anti-Spyware and stuff. Get a real Anti-Virus please. Nod32 and Trend Micro.
    4: Why would they wait to activate it? That would be like me inventing the ultra mega super bomb to kill all my enemies (not saying I would). Then telling them I'm going to use it so they have time to defend them selves.... It would be retarded.

    Honestly it makes no sense

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