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    Starlight Guest

    Kotick Earned $15M in 2008 Yet Wants Higher Video Game Prices

    If everyone had salaries like Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, then we could afford the astronomical prices Activision charges for games.

    However, this is reality, a reality where Bobby Kotick wants to raise game prices. Prices that are already at an expensive price point for video games, and during an economic crisis.

    To quote: Attention Bobby Kotick - It's 2009, the global economy has crashed, in large part due to corporate greed. Maybe you haven't noticed the hit to the economy, since in 2008 you made a staggering (said in Dr. Evil voice) $15 million dollars.

    Every day it seems as though 'poor' Mr. Kotick is headed toward being the most hated man in the gaming industry. And the more the guy opens his yapper, the more hate he deservedly gets.

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    xxLindenxx Guest
    who's the Jackass who gave him 14 million extra...

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    zendor Guest
    thatīs the total amount summed together..

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    I'd be over the moon with happyness with just his basic salary alone!!
    He can afford to pay $60+ with a wage like that, while Mr Joe average cannot.

    They're shooting themselves in the foot if they raise the price, piracy will just become more and more attractive, especially in todays bad economy. Its already bad enough that the maps packs are extra, which i think is BS, however if they hiked the price and kept all the addon map packs free it wouldnt be so bad. But that wont happen.

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    dud0r Guest
    I don't understand why he thinks we should pay $60 for games like spyro, the transformers, crash, kung fu panda let alone more.
    If they delivered nothing but masterpieces every time i wouldn't be suprised they wanted more money but with games like that the $15 bin is still not worth checking out.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    They should sack him for two reasons 1) he has proberly cost them hundred if not thousands of sales (preperly more) in people who are now boycoting the company and 2) to give him a rough taste of what the real world is like (ok so he has millions so that wont work) shame they cant freeze his accounts for a year force him to live like the gamers he wants to exploit.

    ok this month theres the food money, theres rent theres electric theres billl one credit card two and theres £40 spare for entertainment , hmm a game or two dvds or treat food for the family <<<<thats average finance. you reckon he even knows how hated he is?

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    semitope Guest
    How did he earn the money? He obviously has too much time on his hands with all the retarded statements he's been making. Jeez wtf does he even do?!? All the work is done by the ppl on the ground working on the games. He just sits his arse up somewhere having drinks with his CEO/board buddies talking. He even likely has ppl who helping him with whatever duties he is supposed to do.

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    JeffJ Guest
    why is it douche bags always make more money then they deserve and always want more?

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