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    Apr 2005

    Kojima Countdown Timer Site Now Reveals a Mask

    Update: The cover of the upcoming Famitsu PSP/PS3 issue which promises to have huge blowout on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game is below... no translation is available yet though.

    As was previously mentioned in the recent issue of Famitsu, the countdown teaser Web site for Kojima Production's next project has changed once again.

    Now, you will not only see a lot of new characters flash by but also the image of Raiden (assuming that's Raiden) as well as a strange mask which the Kojima Production's logo morphs into.

    Not only that, but by clicking on the logo at the teaser site, you will be brought to YET ANOTHER teaser site for something called 'Mask'. What does this mean, two announcements for E3? Perhaps MGS5 and Mask?

    Additionally, as noted by GameKYO some new letters have been showing up, which look like a series of ‘C,’ ‘O,’ and ‘P,’ leading to further speculation that the next game to emerge from Kojima Productions will be a co-operative game.

    Feel free to speculate in the comments below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    otarumx Guest
    I say they are two different projects by Kojima Pro. The first site is obviously for a new MGS on an unknown console, the other is a different game, what strikes me as odd is that the MGS one seems very "japanese" because it bears no other logos than konami and kojima pro but the new one also has the ESRB rectangle wich means it's for an american game.

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    Apr 2005


    I updated the first post with a pic of the cover that is now available from the upcoming Famitsu PSP/PS3 issue.

    Also, here is one interesting theory I see: http://www.gamekyo.com/blog_article225420.html
    According to two french bloggers of "GameKyo" named Ribery and Theclad, the Web site of Kojima can easy announce a New sort of CO-OP game, revolutionnary, with the New Metal Gear !

    Because of three new letters on the Kojima Production Next Project. There is one C, one O, and one P.

    So there is CO-OP. We can imagine that the first player use his PS3 to control Snake (Big Boss) and the second player use his PSP to control the new Ninja (Raiden/ Gray Fox)

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    Coolie4 Guest
    I say its either two games, or 1 game, with two storylines: Big Boss (time period between portable ops and the first metal gear) and Raiden (either between MGS2 and MGS4, or after MGS4).

    If its one game, maybe it switches between past and future. There have been games (and movies) in which that's happened.
    Obviously the Big Boss look-alike can only be a number of people:

    1) Might be Big Boss himself
    2) Cant(probably wont) be Snake(David) because Kojima says his days in a MGS game are over
    3) Cant be Liquid because he's dead.
    4) Can't be Solidus(see above)
    5) Maybe there was a secret patriot act to make a new Snake?
    6) I suppose it COULD be Raiden, considering I always thought of him as a "type" of Snake, maybe he had some of Big Boss' gene's implanted? *shrug*

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    Rami2007 Guest
    guys am thinking about something.. what if we type the letters in the MASK page?

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