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    Starlight Guest

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for PS2 US Release Confirmed

    Update: This morning we have been in touch with Square-Enix Europe in an attempt to confirm a European release of the PS2 remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, originally a GBA title.

    We reported yesterday that Square-Enix USA has confirmed to managers at the Gamestop Convention that the game will be landing this fall with a budget price.

    Confimation of a UK and EU release is at this moment in the words of a Square-Enix rep "tbc." The representative went on to state that they were "unaware" of any plans to bring the game to EU shores, and that it would be "near impossible before Christmas." It was noted that since a US release was happening, a European equivalent would "Probably happen", even if it is a limited release similar to the GBA Final Fantasy remakes.

    It seems an international release is unlikely. Europeans should begin praying to the release god now that they see Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 in 2009.

    Square-Enix have revealed to managers at this week's Gamestop Manager Conference that they will be releasing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for PS2 this Holiday season in the USA.

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a PS2 3D remake of the Game Boy Advance spinoff title that takes place between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The title was originally bundled in Japan with Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, but will be released in the US as a standalone game with a $29.99 price tag.

    This release has been rumoured for some time, but has finally been confirmed with several Gamestop Managers who were present at the conference and sources at Square-Enix.

    This is good news and bad news for KH fans - this means we finally get the superior 3D remake of the awesome GBA game - but we will never see the complete, Final Mix version of KH2 in the West. We will be in touch with Square-Enix tomorrow regarding a European release. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Wraith300 Guest


    now there going to make a great kingdom hearts into a stupid one.. the only one i ever liked was chain of memories for gba.

    thanks a lot square enix

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    FnD Guest
    Kingdon Hearts rules

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    Ps2360 Guest
    Eh i didnt like Chains of memories that much, but mainly because I hate playing with handhelds.. maybe ill check it out.

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    vatomalo Guest
    How nice, my lil bro will be really happy!!

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    alex72886 Guest
    I wish they had just made a new game instead of an old one, i was really hoping for a third installment, ever since i saw KH2's ending, it really got my hopes up for a KH3.

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    fettsvett Guest
    I cant wait to play it

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    andrequerido Guest
    good! kingdom hearts is very cool!!!

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