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    King of Fighters XII Hits Sony PS3 And XBox 360 in July, 2009

    Entertainment has just announced a July 2009 worldwide release for King of Fighters XII, the impossibly gorgeous first HD entry in SNK Playmore's long-running 2D fighting series, on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    To quote: The fighter features 20 playable characters, all of whom appear as newly redrawn sprites, fighting in equally impressive 2D backgrounds.

    According to the press release, preview footage and images for this unbelievably hot game are included in the PS2 release of King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, itself a fairly nice-looking KOF - which happens to be out today.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This looks quite promising. Its about time we start seeing more 2D fighter titles come out. I just really hope they have an online option for it, and plan to have multiple new DLC characters available in future months after launch, cause I for one am sure to purchase. KOF has so many characters to choose from, I sure hope they decide to upgrade instead of launching a sequel later on.

    I ve been a fan of SNK fighters since Art of Fighting hit the arcades, considering the price of a NEO-GEO being in the same price range as a PS3 now, but over ten years ago. I really like the hand drawn HD effects there using it looks quite smooth and fluid.

    Maybe another Street Fighter VS SNK type series? I would love to see something of the sorts hit shelves. Oh well till July I guess it is, fingers crossed.

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