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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    In regards of posting -I hardly ever use the post news anyway so as said above - what ever makes the admin's life easier here ... On other hand - as also already mentioned by elser - I like the current front page layout - use it both for scoping throuh the news since my last visit (usually like a half hour ago ) as well as well to see the latest forum posts.

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    clouduzz Guest
    I vote for post directly also

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    jabberosx Guest
    yep.. posting direct to the forum makes the most sense.

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    Apr 2005
    OK, I have +Rep'd everyone who shared some feedback since my last "checkpoint" in this thread. To reply to some specifics now:

    Quote Originally Posted by EiKii View Post
    Well that would work fine, i have submitted 2 news in members section area, non has been brought up they just disappear and never heard of kinda. So IMO yes that would be nice, tho there will probably be some posting in wrong section etc but hey that's whats mods are for ^^

    Keep up the good work.
    Generally when we nuke threads I PM or leave a visitor message to the OP to let them know. However, these are pruned via cron periodically so odds are if you didn't see them you won't now.

    You are correct though, posts in the wrong sections can be moved with a few clicks so that isn't an issue for us really.

    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    Seems like you already have the answer to the question boss.
    True hehe, I just wanted to make sure before I go removing it that most of the active members here won't miss it for some reason I may not be seeing, etc. So far it sounds like most are in agreement that the Member News section won't be missed too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by OneWhoWantsItAl View Post
    No disrespect, but the main page background looks a little busy to my tired eyes. I'd like to see that part a little easier to read. All of the items look like front page news. By reducing the font it could help have more real estate on the screen, navigate easier (being able to see the bigger picture), and generally make it faster to scan the news. It could be a real treasure when looking for the right information at your fingertips... just my 2 cents worth. Keep up the great work.! You obviously care about this site and want to improve it.
    I do appreciate the feedback OneWhoWantsItAl, and this is actually something that CJPC often tells me as he's on a higher resolution monitor. However, due to my own monitor and preference I tend to like to keep the fonts larger (as they were in the past) but I am sure the day will come when I buy and get used to a larger-screen monitor and then I will update them like most sites these days have it.

    Quote Originally Posted by heartagram62 View Post
    I think posting directly is a good idea. That said, they would have to be checked for correct grammar and spelling to keep the high standards which this site tends to keep.
    Definitely, we will not "mainpage" any user-generated post/thread until it's formatted for the main page with a proper title and grammar/spelling, a picture (most forget these) etc.

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    leukotic Guest
    Since we are on the subject of the mainpage, I have been meaning to mention a bug in the text alignment. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it's just my browser, but it just doesn't seem right to me and makes it harder to read the headline when it is all misaligned.

    See attached picture below for an example. I highlighted the problematic headline alignment from the article.

    Notice the text "makers Sony is rumored to start production" is right aligned right while the text below it "of the PS4 console at the end of 2011" is left aligned? It can be awkward reading it when it is like that. Not a huge deal, but perhaps something to look into.

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    Apr 2005


    If I had to guess, that is being caused due to a missing (or blocked) 300x250 ad that is normally to the left of the article text. If this isn't the case, let me know your browser type and version and I will try to replicate it here to fix it.

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    leukotic Guest
    Ah, that's probably it, I have both ABP and NoScript working their magic. Oh well, I guess misaligned text is better than an ad

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    Apr 2005
    Yea hehe, we don't get into fixes for the affects of those or we'd probably spend weeks on them alone.

    I suppose if I was a CJPC fanboy (jk) I'd say the fix is to get a Premium Membership so that the ad code isn't even present (blocked or not) on pageloads and the text wraps normally.

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    madmax69 Guest
    Posting directly better but be kind on members, if lost rep for reasons unknown in the past when it is very easy for a subject to be headed under different headings.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I will keep that in mind and +Rep... and yep, if we have multiple threads on the same news we can just merge them all into one and then promote that based on whichever post is the first pretty much.

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