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    jake112493 Guest

    Job Listing Suggests Microsoft is Working on 300K-player Game

    A job listing found on both Gamasutra and Microsoft's careers Web site is seeking out an engineer to work on a "game" that will support up to "300,000 players in real-time."

    The job ad states that Microsoft is working on "building an extremely high performance system to extend console games to the server in new ways" and that it's "creating a completely new set of Web services" for Xbox Live and Xbox.com integration.

    It sounds to us like Microsoft is planning to overhaul the Dashboard and Xbox Live service and combine it with an MMO-like system (given the 300K-player support).

    Or, it could be building a separate virtual world interface like Sony's PlayStation Home. What do you think Microsoft could be working on?

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    I'm thinking its either Microsofts answer to home, although I really don't know why they would bother since home is pretty crap.


    Maybe they are just trying to see if it is possible to be done, in my thoughts no unless you lower graphics and the amount of sounds to minimum only then the console might have a shot at running it.

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    otarumx Guest
    It sound awfully similar to what Playstation Home is right now, "extend console games to the server in new ways". I figure MS is trying to one up Sony with thi and Nintendo with it's motion controls. I figure it'll be like what happened with Sony and it's online in the beginning, it will be slow, underdeveloped and buggy but if their enginneers have the know how it could end up being on par with it eventually.

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    Foolishness Guest
    It's going to be a home knock off!! You know microsoft will either copy or pay for anything that on another console that looks promising.

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    seed101 Guest

    Lightbulb in my opinion

    In my opinion its probably a fps game like the MAG game for playstaion 3.. and why they making a virtual game like home in ps3 if you can only make a 300k people on it. Think about it, if they making a new virual world like the home on ps3 they should expand the player limit to how many people that are using the xbox 360. And if they making a mmorpg or mmo on xbox360 they should support more than 300k or maybe limitless player to join..

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    I think they are just preparing an update or an online game. It may be to start expanding that Microsoft Xbox Experience thats all I think it is Where did this idea of a 300k player thing come from there is no game that can handle that many and Home doesn't count

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    shummyr Guest
    i think microsoft has a new game up their sleeve for this, or maybe it will be similar to home.

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    jake112493 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shummyr View Post
    i think microsoft has a new game up their sleeve for this, or maybe it will be similar to home.
    maybe they'll announce something tomorrow at their press conference..

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