There's an underlying trend beneath this week's Japanese hardware sales rankings - every console that Dragon Quest IX cannot be played on sank like a stone made of lead.

Every console on which Dragon Quest IX can be played skyrocketed like a sky... rocket. Do you see the lesson presented here, gaming hardware manufacturers?

If you don't have Dragon Quest IX on your console, you should probably get up on that. Then again, you could just start painting your consoles red. That seems to work too.

To quote: The Squeenix-developed RPG - which is apparently perfect - sold an absolutely staggering 2,318,932 copies in its first two days on store shelves. After running the numbers, we've calculated that during those two steamy Akihabara nights, 13.2 copies of Dragon Quest IX were sold every second. (Seriously.)

We've also discerned that Square Enix will harvest a million buckets of money from the Japanese sale of this game alone - but it's nice to see Nintendo's catching a few pails of their own.

- DSi: 118,202 (up) 71,347 (152.27%)
- PSP: 26,527 (down) 6,322 (19.25%)
- Wii: 22,141 (down) 2,830 (11.33%)
- DS Lite: 10,161 (up) 2,654 (35.35%)
- PS3: 9,864 1,332 (down)(11.90%)
- Xbox 360: 3,561 (down) 2,315 (39.40%)
- PS2: 3,508 226 (down) (6.05%)

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