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    jabberosx Guest

    IW Hints of New Callsign Titles Coming in Modern Warfare 2 DLC

    Just before the weekend Infinity Ward's FourZeroTwo aka Robert Bowling hinted that upcoming Modern Warfare 2 DLC may contain new callsign titles in addition to the usual maps.

    He also tweeted this weekend of another MW2 playlist update to prevent the spread of the recent "ice skating" / speed hack (video below).

    Below are the related Twitter tweets:

    "Leads meeting @infinityward this morning; Lots of #MW2 DLC discussion got me wondering, what would YOU suggest as some new callsign titles?"

    "Another #MW2 playlist update to prevent the spread of the "ice skating" / speed hack. Will prevent matchmaking into modded games."

    "@fourzerotwo so it was a hack?" via @xblfan2001 - Yes. These aren't bugs in game code but game files being changed by users on modded kits."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    spark32 Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Hopefully they look sweet and aren't impossible to get.

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    heartagram62 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    I'm just getting so sick of glitchers, cheaters and modders on this game. By all means do it but play with your cheating friends in a private match.

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    Sh1m3oN Guest
    For me the glitch or another hack in a private match with your friends is funny but with another players or in a tournament it is for losers.

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