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    Apr 2005

    Interview with a Wii hacker

    AtomicPC have conducted a lengthy interview (linked above) with Bushing, the developer who is now well-known within the bounds of the Wii homebrew scene thanks to his discovery of the first-ever Wii exploit.

    Recently Bushing and crew modified a save game from Zelda: Twilight Princess to boot homebrew code. In the interview, Bushing reveals that they are working hard to tweak this hack so that users can easily boot code from an SD card on an unmodified Wii.

    To quote: Yes. We did our first public demo at 24C3, right after Christmas. There, we showed a really crude demo that we made by taking a game disc and modifying it -- just enough to prove that we'd modified it. (The proof here is a big deal because so many people make this shit up -- there have been at least 4 fake demos of people claiming to do similar things in the past month.)

    Still, that required some pretty ugly hacks to pull off, but it was still the first time anyone had even gotten that far. Recently, we've been leveraging that experience to try to find cleaner hacks that we can release.

    We're working on a special savegame for Zelda: Twilight Princess that will exploit a bug in the way it handles character names, and eventually let you boot code from an SD card. Hopefully.

    The future is looking bright for the Wii homebrew scene. The only question is -- how will Nintendo respond? If they decide to follow in Sony's footsteps, it's likely that we could see another game of cat and mouse, in which Nintendo releases routine firmware updates to patch up newly found security holes.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    thadick Guest
    correct me if im wrong but i heard that they already released a "hello world" for the wii, is that right? have you heard anything new about this... you always seem to be on top of the scene, faster than other site for sure

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    Apr 2005
    Not into Wii at all myself, but as far as I know they only showed a demo of their Wii running "homebrew" code at that conference. Based on that, everyone is awaiting true Wii homebrew (versus Wii "GameCube" homebrew) apparently.

    Maybe someone who follows Wii more closely would know more..

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    thadick Guest
    this is what i was refering to (attached picture) but as you said your not into it that much and im pretty sure that this isnt anything concret

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