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    JeffJ Guest

    Thumbs Up IntensaFIRE for Xbox 360

    Wanted to drop in a line say im not dead! lol just busy!

    anyways i shall be doing a review of this some time this week.... might be a install vid too if my GF agrees to be my camera gal. otherwise just pictures.


    No crys of cheater cheater pumpkin eater either! what my self and my friends do in system link is our own business hehe

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hey JeffJ nice to see you alive

    We all miss you.And i have though maybe you have troubles with your girlfrind in case of investing to much time in ps3news

    I would love to read a new guide of you.

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    JeffJ Guest
    nope were good, better then ever.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thats nice and Good on You!

    So this thingy.. uhmm.. intensafire is a kind of rapid fire thingy? And its only a addon not a whole controller for what i have seen on there webpage?

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    JeffJ Guest
    Correct its an add-on, that's solder-less. its better then any current rapid fire. 3 min install and of course they have a ps3 and wii one coming soon or so they say.

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    JeffJ Guest
    LAWL! i got my controller mod and they sent me a teabag that says "IntensaFIRE, We'll have you teabagin' in no time!"

    its Orange Pekoe Tea. ok i should have at least pictures tonight... probably no install video... my girlfriend. handed me her 50lb bag and said sure if u wanna do my torts and contracts homework and study for my exam lol.

    at any rate Pics today or tonight then a review and run down of my opinion to follow.

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    JeffJ Guest
    Ok here are some pics

    Ill do some form of opinion / review in a bit

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