Infectus has released the first pics of their Injectus Jtag/Argon (Wiitkus) Programmer today.

Picture below, and to quote: This revolutionary programmer is very CHEAPER and is the only one in the market that support JTAG programming of ACTEL A3P family in a very easy way. Very HOT product for all DEVELOPERS of VHDL codes.

INJECTUS JTAG is provide with a very easy standard connector where all users can connect FLAT CABLES of INFECTUS PRODUCTS FAMILY. All ARGON users can use this little programmer to update argon firmware simple connecting the ARGON flat cable.

Some users ask us WHY don't update the modchips by CD or DVD like WIIKEY...

Answer is very simple, with JTAG we have the 100% power to change anything inside the modchip, this allow us to release new unbelivables versions of ARGON firmwares that suppport for example FEW WIRES or new nice features.. WIIKEY didn't works on D2C console simply because a software update cannot change the logical works of the modchip, with JTAG solution we can.

Another reason was because with JTAG we can change completely the firmware of ARGON modchips, if in the future there will be a new solution for OTHER NEW CONSOLES not only WII but other BRAND TOO, we can simple release firmware and customers have in the hands a complete new modchip!!

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