To quote from (also linked above): Dear customers,

Today there is online the new PROGRAMMER suite that fix some little buds and has built in firmwares for the last INFECTUS2 PCB version produced after 1st october 2008.

Download: Infectus Programmer v3.9.8.0

The programmer works with OLD and NEW Infectus 2 models, so we suggest to use this version for the future.

Thanx for now,

ReadMe File: The new release of INFECTUS PROGRAMMER has BUILTIN new firmwares for the new INFECTUS PCB produced after 10th october 2008!
All the DAT FILES builtin the PROGRAMMER.EXE now are ready to works with OLD and NEW INFECTUS PCB!

RELEASE features:
1- This new programmer version use a new DIRECTC ACTEL library that fix a BUG reported from ACTEL.
2- The JTAG programming now is update, more faster...
3- Add the support of flash SST39VF010 (wasabi flash), simple exchange the flash on INFECTUS2 with this new one and you can easy read and write it.
4- Programmer recognize if is connected an INFECTUS2 or an INJECTUS on the usb.
5- Programmer recognize how is the PLD installed and choose the correct firmware (no more mistakes between differents ACTEL versions on argon and infectus)

include new .DAT firmwares 1.8 for ARGON that can be use ONLY with programmer

Folder "USB-Drivers3.1":
Usb drivers to manage INFECTUS2 and INJECTUS devices under WINDOWS

Foledr "INFECTUS-DLL1.1":
DLL that allow the comunication between PROGRAMMER and third party softwares. Under download area of there is a DEMO application to download to undestand well how to use this DLL.

1.The programmer version can works correctly only with DAT firmwares released in this ZIP file.
2.PROGRAMMER will update the firmware of INJECTUS/INFECTUS HARDWARE as soon as they are connected to the PC, after this update is completed the old programmers will not work anymore.


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