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  1. #41
    NEM3Z1z Guest
    Well i'm not a trophy hunter at all... but i have 1720 trophies and 15 platinums

  2. #42
    elser1 Guest
    reached 98 platinums. 2 more and i'm having a break. i'm finding it an annoying addiction really. i get depressed if i don't hear that ding every day. LOL

  3. #43
    garukno Guest
    i just have 500 trophies and 1 plat

  4. #44
    elser1 Guest
    got my 100th platinum. i have retired from trophies now for a bit.. LOL

    at least a week or so anyways. they are addictive for someone with my personality traits

  5. #45
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Just 97 more and I'll catch up to you. Gratz.

  6. #46
    elser1 Guest
    thanks a lot mate. i'll race you to 200 LOL

  7. #47
    simplydan Guest
    i have like 180 only

  8. #48
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    i had many trophies but using Reactpsn in bad way messed up every thing got the trophy error on every game, lost save data of like 50+ games.now i have around 200 trophies only.

  9. #49
    slayer95 Guest
    Just getting started I think I have about 8

  10. #50
    Foo Guest
    I have 400

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