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  1. #31
    elser1 Guest
    just got my 50th platinum nascar unleashed.. pretty easy n fun plat

  2. #32
    dcsolidus Guest
    i have about 19 plats and 3000+ trophies hoping to surpass a friend of mine who has 37 plats i have more trophies than him but not plats lol friendly competition

  3. #33
    elser1 Guest
    add me to psn if you want and i'll help with trophies.. love em.. LOL

    psn is elser1

  4. #34
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well since PSN is back up for CFW users, here is my PSN gamercard. Kind of sucks tbh, but I don't really try earning trophies.

  5. #35
    elser1 Guest
    just smashed out plat # 60 in need of real life LOL

  6. #36
    StanSmith Guest
    On XBL I got about 50,000 achievements. On PSN my main account I got about 3000 trophies. It hasn't been online for the last year so I can't say for exact how many but it did have about 2000 when it was last online.

    I now got a 2nd account which is mainly Vita and thats just got 158. Not bad for only having it for about 2 months.

  7. #37
    rizler Guest
    i've got 70 trophies.

  8. #38
    derekmcwilliam Guest
    not enough lol

  9. #39
    boli Guest
    Exactly, too many people have a killing of trophies.. I only have 17..

  10. #40
    Olegsk Guest
    I have about 800 trophies, but only one platinum. I play just for fun and platinum is not my target.

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