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    NTA Guest
    I have 42 trophies

    Dunno if there's a way to sync them again on cfw though

    Probably have 60 by now

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    NTA Guest
    Look here..

  3. #13
    elser1 Guest
    did you sync the cfw trophies somehow?i think its not possible for end users anyways..

  4. #14
    smokyyuwe Guest
    I have about 220-something. Some games I actually try to get trophies but I mostly don't care.

  5. #15
    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    did you sync the cfw trophies somehow?i think its not possible for end users anyways..
    Nah, haven't synced in over a year I think. I meant I didn't think there was a way to sync them once I was on cfw

  6. #16
    tigereye Guest
    so is it there is no way for now to sync trophies on cfw.. my be some day who knows...?

  7. #17
    Dizzny Guest
    I have.. !! waiting to start

  8. #18
    technodon Guest
    e3 flasher or progskeet is your best option, install otherOS++ and run QA flag extra .pkg to enable QA Downgrading (this stops your hard drive data being deleted when you downgrade) then update sign in and sync your backup trophes when you finished playing online or want to be back on 3.55 press downgrade on your flasher.

    once finished reboot the console and it will say connect a controller put your 3.55 PS3UPDAT.PUP on a USB stick or external hard drive in the normal PS3/UPDATE folder then connect the controller it will still say install a 4.11 firmware but you can install any firmware you like as long as your ps3 supported it in the first place.

  9. #19
    elser1 Guest
    yeah i gotta do that i got heaps of trophies on my other ps3 that i cant sync to add to my total also... LOL

    i don't count them though, i just go by mygamercards.com ranking and count..

  10. #20
    NTA Guest
    Thanks a bunch lol. Gotta get one of those when I get the chance

    Much appreciated. I thought all hope was lost

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